Preschool Performing Arts

The perfect class to build creativity and thrive in confidence!

3.5-5 years

Preschool Performing Arts

Musical Theatre is the perfect vehicle to introduce all three major performing arts. These vibrant, play driven classes include singing, dancing and acting.
Each term we creatively explore two Animated Musicals that your child will already know and love.
Inspired by their favourite characters, acting skills are learnt through storytelling and theatre games. Understanding the conflicts and motivation of the characters open doors for your child to learn about their own emotions and understand others.
Each Musical also informs the style of dance discovered in each programme, including the basic elements of ballet, contemporary, tap, hip hop and culturally inspired dances throughout the year. Exploring these diverse worlds will enable your child to appreciate diverse cultures and people.
Your child will sing in unison and develop their ear for pitch matching through singing games and exercises. Instilling a sense of beat and rhythm through action songs and dance make learning timing simple.
Twice a term you will be invited into the classroom for a precious view into your childs’ growing love of performance.


Specific Skill Development:
• Foundational performance skills
• Confidence and self-esteem
• Communication skills
• Emotional Intelligence
• Social Skills
• Concentration and focus
• Physical development (coordination, balance)
• Memory improvement
• Language development

Our Preschool Performing Arts class is available for:
• 3.5-5 year olds (this is a drop-off/pick up class)

Class Duration:
45 min

Class Location:
All Performing Arts classes are held at our Charlestown studio in Newcastle.

Class Fees:
Term Upfront: $24/week ($240/10 week term)
Multi-Class Discount:
2 Preschool Hub classes/week/student/$40*

* excludes Bee-School

Meet the Preschool Performing Arts Team

Beth Peach-Robinson

Eloise Sheean

Rebecca Hrobat

Unlimited Makeups


Need to miss a class? No worries!
Notify your absence no less than 2 hrs before your class (via the Client Portal) to receive a makeup token.
Makeups have no expiry, however may only be accessed while you are enrolled.

NB: Your makeup token will appear on your account AFTER the missed classed has finished.