Preschool Visual Art

A wonderful creative outlet for the preschool age is visual arts, with so many developmental benefits, it’s a great program to build skill, experiment and learn about the process of art making from our experienced teachers.

3.5-5 years

Preschool Visual Arts

Our preschool art classes are designed to encourage creativity and build basic skill development in painting, drawing and sculpture. Students have the opportunity to explore a range of art mediums and instruments that improve fine motor control, including paintbrushes, pencils, sponges and their own hands to manipulate materials. 

Students learn the process of art making as our teachers guide them through, step-by-step, to produce quality artworks that are sure to gain prime position in any family’s home.

Specific Skill Development:
• Foundational painting, drawing and sculpture skills
• Fine motor skills (drawing, cutting, manipulating materials)
• Problem solving skills (experiment with materials)
• Spatial awareness (two and three-dimensional)
• Hand-eye coordination
• Language development
• Emotional development
• Visual Literacy (shape, colour, line)
• Sensory exploration
• Cultural Awareness

Our Preschool Visual Arts class is available for:
• 3.5-5 year olds (this is a drop-off/pick up class)

Class Duration:
1 hr

Class Location:
All Art classes are held at our Charlestown studio in Newcastle.

Class Fees:
Term Upfront: $28/week ($280/10 week term)
Multi-Class Discount:
2 preschool classes/week/student/$44*

* excludes Bee-School

Current Projects


Term 1, 2024

Project 1: Mixed Media Rainbow Fish Painting
This project introduces students to the basic techniques of wet-on-wet watercolour and acrylic painting, in addition to experimenting with different surface materials such as paper and canvas. Students will love working with an extensive colour palette, taking inspiration from the illustrator, Marcus Pfister.

Project 2: Octopus Sculpture
This polymer clay sculpture works with the basic art elements of shape and colour to create a cute little octopus character.
Project 3: Wombat Stew Playset
Students will create a mini playset inspired by the Australian children’s book, ‘Wombat Stew’. Using their hands, students will work at manipulating polymer clay into various shapes to complete a wombat, bugs and leaves.
Project 4: Watercolour Caterpillar
Using watercolour, students will mix colours to create a marbled effect and assemble their designs into a character shape inspired by Eric Carle’s, ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’.
Project 5: Caterpillar Sculpture
Expanding on Eric Carle’s cute charatcer design, students will create a 3D sculpture of the Caterpillar using clay marbling techniques.

Unlimited Makeups


Need to miss a class? No worries!
Notify your absence no less than 2 hrs before your class (via the Client Portal) to receive a makeup token.
Makeups have no expiry, however may only be accessed while you are enrolled.

NB: Your makeup token will appear on your account AFTER the missed classed has finished. 

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