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Hive at Home – Preschoolers

Premium creative learning program for 3 – 6 yr olds

Online Learning Fees

  • ONE program: $16 / week per family
  • TWO programs: $25 per week per family
  • THREE programs: $36 per week per family

Subscription Billing: (see details) 

Additional costs for Art enrolments

Art resource pack (for 10 week term of classes): $55 – purchase in the Hive store.

If siblings are joining in the art class – purchase two packs from our store.

How to setup for online learning:  Click for info

The Hive Buzz In Your Home

The need to express ourselves and be creative is basic to our Humanity.  At Hive we have taken a stand to not place limitations on creative learning in the current climate. Our incredible teaching team have taken their creative learning programs online to reach our preschoolers and you, daily.  

By accessing Hive@Home our Hive kids and parents can feel connected to their Hive community, experience familiar routines and continue growing their own creativity, expressing themselves and developing authentic skills.


Kindermusik 3-4 yrs & 4-5 yrs

Kindermusik 3-4 yrs & 4-5 yrs

With Melissa S & Amanda

Based on the successful Orff approach to teaching music through expressive and creative learning through play, our Preschool Music Program inspires a 3 year old’s imagination as they enter a musical world of make-believe accompanied by musical learning.

As they progress to our 4-5 yr program they’ll naturally be inquisitive learners. We meet this new milestone with more instrument play – playing back tunes and strumming chords to songs as well as learning to read and write simple graphic notation.  

In each age group, children will: 

  • begin to recognize pitch and start singing in tune
  • fine-tune their listening skills as we teach them to hear and respond to musical patterns;
  • use their whole body to respond to music through joyful movement
  • gain a sense of rhythm as they play back rhythmic patterns

Your enrolment gives you unlimited access per family to: 

  • Daily lessons (Mon – Fri)
  • Access to our library of pre-recorded lessons. (preschool lessons released fortnightly)
Art for 3-6 yrs

Art for 3-6 yrs

Join in the Art fun with Lee, our Bee-school artist

Does your child love art and craft?  They can continue creating, painting and developing their artistic skill with our online lessons.  With lots of colour and fun designs, your child will love learning to paint with Lee – and You’ll love our low-mess approach! 

This Term’s Art Club Content

Weeks 1 – 5 of term 2: 
Create vibrant artworks in the style of Ken Done, Australian artist.

Weeks 6 – 10 of term 2: 

Create illustrations from the Aussie book series Possum Magic. 

Online Learning Format: 

  • Weekly LIVE lesson with Tash & Lee
  • Weekly pre-recorded lesson with Lee will be made available after each LIVE lesson.
  • You can choose to attend the Live lesson or simply complete the art lesson in your own time.

credible themed art kits that include video tutorials with Lee are available in our online store. More kits are being added weekly.

Spanish 3 - 6 yrs

Spanish 3 - 6 yrs

With Mel B (Bee-School teacher)

Spanish classes are designed to progressively develop communication and understanding in a foreign language.  Developing this skills at an early age gives your child confidence in interacting with a new language as well as creating the neural pathways necessary to develop the ability to speak any foreign language.  

The classes involve children in songs, games, movement and stories that appeal to their age and curiosity – all in Spanish!

Online Learning Format:

Your enrolment gives you unlimited access per family to:

  • Two LIVE lessons per week
  • New Pre-recorded lessons in Spanish, Music and Drama weekly. (Drama and Spanish are released on alternate weeks).

    Vibrant Bees

    Vibrant Bees

    Dance & Musical Theatre With Tash Gibbs (Bee-School teacher)

    “Vibrant” perfectly describes the child who just loves to move, sing, dance, and explore creativity and it perfectly describes this thriving program filled with creative movement, song and dance.  Boys enjoy this program just as much as girls, and especially enjoy the playful dance and movement classes.

    Online Learning Format:

    Your enrolment gives you unlimited access per family to:

    • Three LIVE lessons per week
    • New pre-recorded lessons in Dance and Musical Theatre weekly.

      Expressive Bees

      Expressive Bees

      Music, Drama, Spanish With Mel B (Bee-School teacher)

      Kindermusik & Drama classes are designed to progressively develop authentic skill in Music and storytelling with expression, while Spanish helps children to understand and communicate in a foreign language.  Developing these skills at an early age gives your child confidence in interacting with the arts as well as creating the neural pathways necessary to develop creative talent.

      Online Learning Format:

      Your enrolment gives you unlimited access per family to:

      • Three LIVE music lessons per week (Tue, Wed, Fri)
      • One LIVE drama lesson per week (Fri)
      • Two LIVE Spanish lessons per week (Wed, Fri)
      • Access to our library of pre-recorded lessons. Kindermusik released weekly. Drama & Spanish released fortnightly.

      Home Art Kits

      Home Art Kits

      Purchase Special themed art kits from our Hive store

      Perfect for some quality parent-child time together, our incredible themed art kits include video tutorials and all the supplies you’ll need to create something special together. Purchase in our store.


      Meet Our Teachers

      Our teachers are highly trained and experienced teachers and performers and are committed to providing you and your child with an engaging learning experience at home.

      Melissa Box

      Melissa Box

      Expressive Bees

      Lee Seaman

      Lee Seaman

      Art Buzz & Art Kits

      Tash Gibbs

      Tash Gibbs

      Vibrant Bees & Art Buzz

      Get to know Hive

      Two Week trial of any online Hive classes is included in all subscriptions. How this works: 

      1. Subscribe to a new class

      2. Access the class from home

      3. After 2 weeks: either continue your subscription or cancel it

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      Hive@Home What you need

      Vibrant and Expressive Bees:

      • You'll need a computer with a large screen so your child can stand up to participate while watching their teacher.
      • You'll need to download the Zoom app to your computer before your first class. Class access codes are available in the client portal once you have enrolled.

      Art Buzz:

      Set your child up at a table or desk with all of their art pack materials laid out ready before the lesson begins.  Setup a computer or tablet in front of your child for them to watch.  If using a laptop computer please elevate the laptop to avoid any art spills onto it.

      Hive Member Enrolments:

      If for any reason you wish to cancel your enrolment within your first month of classes, we will refund your remaining tuition fees and cancel your enrolment.

      Please note:

      1st month period applies for 30 days starting on the date of your first class

      Satisfaction guarantee applies to:

      • Members who are NEW to Hive
      • NEW enrolments in Bee-School (for new and existing Hive clients)

      Alternatively: you can CHANGE your enrolment to any other Hive class / program if you are unsatisfied, with no notice period.

      Hive@Home Subscription Payments

      Monthly Subscription Payment System

      • When you enrol you will pay for your first month or partial month.
      • Following this, fees are debited automatically from your card on the 1st of every month for the number of weeks of scheduled classes in that month.
      • You can cancel your subscription any time BEFORE the 1st of the month (no notice period is required).
      • If you cancel ON or AFTER the 1st of the month, your cancellation will be processed for the following month.
      • Fees are non refundable*

      (*except during trial periods)

      Trial Period

      All new subscriptions are entitled to a 2 week trial period. Should you wish to cancel, send us an email within 14 days of your 1st payment and receive a refund on the remaining weeks in the month.

      Pro-Rated Fees:

      Join anytime! ALL fees are automatically pro-rated at checkout and charged from your START DATE


      • Class fees for 5 yrs and over are charged per child. Non-enrolled siblings may not join in during live classes as we have a maximum class size.
      • Class fees for under 5 year olds are charged per family* - any siblings are welcome to join in.
        • (*except for art packs which are supplied with resources for one child only)