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      It’s the wonder and potential of the arts that inspired the creation of Hive Creative Studios

      Vanessa Lynch,
      Founder & Director of Hive

      I spent my University years studying the value and power of music education on young minds. After graduating I spent a few years in London schools teaching and watching children in preschool and primary school explore their natural talent, love and excitement for music. Music comes so naturally to a young child. The research that I’d completed at Uni stuck with me through these years, reminding me that this organic talent needs to be nurtured at a young age so that a child’s natural talent can take shape and become a lifelong skill.  Music is the only activity that activates every part of a child’s brain. It is the ideal way for them to learn and prepares them to recognise patterns in speech, writing, maths, rhythm and the world around them.

      Unfortunately, the education system in Australia does not make provision for developing artistic or musical talent in young children. In fact, most schools don’t begin proper classroom music lessons until high school – long after the optimum window of  opportunity has closed.

      I opened Bounce and Grow in April 2011 to help fill a gap and provide a learning centre for the music and arts for children, including babies, from every walk of life – and that included opening our arms to children with disabilities and families of varying religions, beliefs and cultures. 

      My dream was to give every child the gift of music and ignite their passion for the creative arts… something that they would cherish for life.

      I spent the first term of Bounce and Grow in my lounge room at home. It was a small space, but my little class loved every minute spent there and it was so inviting, friendly and relaxed – and that same sense of support and friendliness is carried in our classes today. Word of mouth travels quickly and by June of that first year I opened the first class for Bounce and Grow in a little Church room at Charlestown.

      From that point on our classes and programs naturally flourished! Children and parents who came to the centre fell in love with the environment and experience. It was always a scramble to open more classes and buy more instruments. I still remember how proud I was to buy the first drum for the classroom. It felt like we were providing something special for our little bees. Today, that is the smallest drum in our collection but is still well loved.

      I have been honoured to work beside inspiring and skilled teachers who share the same passion for giving our little bees every opportunity to grow and thrive through the creative arts. Together we have tested and refined our programs and the instruments available to provide the most benefits to your child.

      The creative arts are timeless and a gift that every child should have the chance to access. It is this belief that guided us to open a new centre in the heart of the Hunter (East Maitland) in 2014 and to expand across two locations in Charlestown in 2015 – to give every child the opportunity to access creative based learning. Later on, the new dedicated Hive Centre in Frederick St was a huge milestone for us – and today we have vibrant bright spaces where children, teens and even adults can make themselves at home…we’ve certainly come a long way from my lounge room! I am so honoured to say that we still have some of the original students attending classes today who started their creative journey when we first opened.

      With a beautiful space and many new bees under our wings, a new name was only fitting. The Hive today continues to nourish little minds, to bring out their hidden talents, to ignite their confidence and give them their creative wings. It is a place of friendship, discovery, sharing, laughing, creating and learning.

      It hasn’t been an easy journey – we’ve all had to work hard to get the centre to where it is today – but I can say with complete honesty and appreciation, it has been the most rewarding and inspiring experience of each of our lives.

      We thank you and your little bee for being a part of Hive and all we dream to create.

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