Our Philosophy

Our approach centres on the development of specific creative skills in drama, music and art in a pressure-free, happy and playful environment. Our programs are research-based and are designed to get your child thinking like an actor / ‘seeing’ like an artist and ‘hearing’ like a musician.  Plenty of time and thought goes in to the why and how of what we teach, when and to what ages.
Teachers at Hive are highly talented professionals, selected for their creative talent and expertise as well as their warmth and care for children and their excellence in teaching.

The wide variety of creative classes at Hive in Charlestown, Newcastle, provides every opportunity for your child to connect to caring, creative teachers and to grow and thrive throughout their development years in one centre where they feel right at home.  We are committed to helping you find the best class fit for your child’s unique learning style, interests and needs.  Our staff are happy to spend time with you discussing development rates and any concerns you may have. Your teacher will also work with you to ensure your child is receiving the best level of instruction for their development and interest.

With over 60 classes per week, running every week day from babies to toddlers to preschoolers to primary kids and teens, you’ll be able to find a class to suit your schedule!

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