Our Philosophy

Our approach strives for all children to develop music, language, drama and creative expression skills. We do this through research-based and developmentally-appropriate holistic musical activities. Plenty of time and thought goes in to the why and how of what we teach, when and to what ages.

Classes are run by our qualified early childhood and primary school teachers throughout the week and across two central locations – East Maitland and Charlestown.

By offering you the best teachers, who are highly qualified, we know that you will also be able to discuss development rates and any concerns. Your teacher will also work with you to ensure your child is receiving the best level of instruction for their unique requirements.

From babies to infants and toddlers to primary-aged kids, we offer a wide selection of age-appropriate groups and classes that are designed to cater to your child’s unique learning style and needs.

The choice of various music groups, private music lessons, French and Spanish classes for preschoolers and a selection of drama classes for kids from 5-14, provide every opportunity for your child to grow and thrive throughout their development years.

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