Three Fun Ways to Get Your Kid to Learn Music

Whether your little bee has been exposed to music since birth or it’s their first time experiencing contact with music, there are some ways and instruments out there that can make the learning process a lot easier and more fun. Today we are going to show you three fun ways your kid can learn music.… Read more »

The Best Way to Help Your Child’s Cognitive Development

Your little ones have reached an age in which they can walk, talk and do certain things by themselves, however their tiny brains are still going through a rapid and constant process of development. These are the preschool years and they are the right time to immerse your kid in an artistic learning environment. For… Read more »

Music Classes for Babies Can Teach Your Child About Much More Than Music

Have you ever wondered what music classes for babies can possibly teach your child? Hint: it’s more than just about music. From a very early age babies have the capacity to learn interpersonal skills, and music classes are a great for kids to improve those skills since they require peer interaction, communication and teamwork. Music… Read more »

Member or Non-Member?

Should I become a member or enrol as a non-member? What’s the difference? Read the comparison chart to help you work out which option is best for you. Non-members fees are higher than members fees.

Atalier Photography Special

Need some studio photos of your growing family?  Call Jerome and Alison from Atalier photography. Atelier Photography are pleased to offer all HIVE members 20% off a portrait package when booked before 31 January. Go to Use the codeword HIVE when submitting your details and they will send you out info about the packages.… Read more »

Term 1 2018 Timetable

The Term 1 Easy-View Timetable is now available. Click to View the Easy-View Timetable       For the most up to date version please check our online version.

Bring your friends to class!

As a member of our Hive Family, you can bring your friends along to class with you. In a 12 month period, bring as many friends as you like, each friend can attend once a year, they just need to be booked in! Want to make a day of it? After class, stay for morning… Read more »

Bee Musical FAQ’s

FAQ’s Q: Why Group Classes & a Play-Based Approach? There are several reasons that are related to children’s brain and emotional development in the age group of 5-8 yrs: They learn best in a small group rather than individual environment. They learn more from watching their peers than they do in a private lesson where… Read more »

Lah-Lah Event – Jam with the Band

VIP Jam with the Band – Exclusively for Hive Members Only Want to meet Lah-Lah and her band? Join us on Wednesday 20th September at the exclusive Hive VIP JAM WITH THE BAND Event. Bring along your favourite shaker, drum or other instrument so you can play along with the band and meet their cool… Read more »