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Hive at Home – Music

LIVE Online Sensory Music Class Designed for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers

Online Learning Includes:

  • Weekly 30 min LIVE interactive classes – unlimited access
  • Weekly release of pre-recorded classes

The Hive Buzz In Your Home

The need to express ourselves and be creative is basic to our Humanity.  At Hive we have taken a stand to not place limitations on creative learning in the current climate. Our incredible teaching team have taken their creative learning programs online to reach our babies and toddlers and you, daily.  

By accessing Hive@Home our Hive bubs, kids and parents can feel connected to their Hive community, experience familiar routines and continue growing their own creativity, expressing themselves and developing authentic skills.


Baby Bees

Baby Bees

Online classes for bubs under 14 months


Our Baby Bees Program offers every opportunity for your child’s little mind to grow as we create a musically rich environment in every class. Your baby’s brain contains literally billions of neurons – all just waiting to be connected through musical and sensory stimulation.

Immersing your baby in music from birth causes your baby’s brain to connect and grow neural pathways that will form the foundations of their creative talent in music, art, language and maths for their future. The optimum time for this to occur is while the brain is still rapidly growing – between birth and 3 years of age.

Each class is designed to nurture your little bee’s intellectual, speech, social, physical, creative and emotional development through music, rhyme, sound and rhythm. Enjoy countless opportunities to bond, laugh and create precious memories with your baby.


    Tiny Bees

    Tiny Bees

    Online classes for 1 year olds


    Is your child wiggling and bopping along to music? Does s/he enjoy making noise and exploring sounds?

    While your little bee takes his/her first few steps and falls in the big world, give them the extraordinary gift of music to help them along their new path.  The time between when your child is born until age 7 is the most important time for learning and brain development and music has been proven many times over to be the best way to stimulate brain development in children, to give them the strongest foundations to grow and thrive.  Our resarch-based Kindermusik Program for Tiny Bees is filled with singing, playing and vibrant music making that will help them to develop body coordination, movement, speech and language.

    Giving your child the experience of learning in a caring, loving and safe environment will help them blossom with confidence and grow in leaps and bounds.

    Bouncing Bees

    Bouncing Bees

    Online classes for 2 yr olds

    Is your child a Wiggles fan? Does he love to master new movements and actions?

    Watch your little bee take flight as she masters jumping, twirling, tapping a steady beat and new vocabulary skills in our Bouncing Bees program designed by the world-leader in early childhood music: Kindermusik.

    You will be amazed at your child’s fascination with music and capacity to learn in this delightfully engaging and flexible environment. Best of all, you’re right there with your child, interacting with one another, learning together, supporting a musical head start, and making the most of this time together at home.


    Meet our Teachers

    Our teachers are highly trained and experienced teachers and performers and are committed to providing you and your child with an engaging learning experience at home.

    Melissa Saunders

    Melissa Saunders

    Online classes for 2 yr olds

    Amanda Batterham

    Amanda Batterham

    Online classes for 2 yr olds

    Get to know Hive

    Two Week trial of any online Hive classes is included in all subscriptions. How this works:

    1. Subscribe to a new class

    2. Access the class from home

    3. After 2 weeks: your subscription will automatically continue unless you cancel it

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    What you'll need at home: 

    Gather and create your own home music kit. You can purchase packs of instruments from our store. Or try making your own instruments!  Try to include everything on our "must have" list and some things from our "extra fun" list.

    Under 3 yr olds:

    Must Have!

    • 2 Baby safe shakers
    • 2 scarves (you can use any scarves, cot sheets, tea towels etc)
    • 1 bouncy ball
    • ribbons - gift wrap ribbons (material type) tied to a teething ring work well

    For Extra enjoyment - add some or all of these items to your music kit:

    • Shakers - an assortment of different types
    • Baby safe bells
    • Shell castanets
    • Rattles
    • Gym ball (if you have space at home!)
    • Wrist Ribbons
    • Resonator Bars or Xylophone
    • A drum (We sell Lollipop drums. If you would like a larger drum, search for Remo Kids percussion or NINO hand drums online)

    Over 3 yrs olds need:

    2 shakers
    Rhythm sticks (you can use wooden spoons!)
    2 Scarves (you can use any scarves, cot sheets, tea towels etc)
    1 Bouncy ball
    Wrist Ribbons or ribbon wands - gift wrapping ribbons (material ones) tied to a hair tie are fine!
    A drum (you can make your own)

    To join in our 4-5 yr instrumental classes you'll need:

    • Different types of percussion instruments - shakers, bells etc
    • Ukulele
    • Xylophone or glockenspiel

    Where to buy instruments:

    • The Hive Store has instrument kits for babies and toddlers that include everything you'll need for our classes (except balls!)
    • Click to Buy Instruments Online


    • Optimum Percussion (online) sells:
    • Remo Kids and Nino hand drums which are the best quality kids drums.
    • Makala Ukulele's (look for the one's with inlaid dots to match what your teacher is using)
    • Sonor glockenspiel for kids


    Hive Member Enrolments:

    If for any reason you wish to cancel your enrolment within your first month of classes, we will refund your remaining tuition fees and cancel your enrolment.

    Please note:

    1st month period applies for 30 days starting on the date of your first class

    Satisfaction guarantee applies to:

    • Members who are NEW to Hive
    • NEW enrolments in Bee-School (for new and existing Hive clients)

    Alternatively: you can CHANGE your enrolment to any other Hive class / program if you are unsatisfied, with no notice period.

    Hive@Home Subscription Payments

    Monthly Subscription Payment System

    • When you enrol you will pay for your first month or partial month.
    • Following this, fees are debited automatically from your card on the 1st of every month for the number of weeks of scheduled classes in that month.
    • You can cancel your subscription any time BEFORE the 1st of the month (no notice period is required).
    • If you cancel ON or AFTER the 1st of the month, your cancellation will be processed for the following month.
    • Fees are non refundable*

    (*except during trial periods)

    Trial Period

    All new subscriptions are entitled to a 2 week trial period. Should you wish to cancel, send us an email within 14 days of your 1st payment and receive a refund on the remaining weeks in the month.

    Pro-Rated Fees:

    Join anytime! ALL fees are automatically pro-rated at checkout and charged from your START DATE


    • Class fees for 5 yrs and over are charged per child. Non-enrolled siblings may not join in during live classes as we have a maximum class size.
    • Class fees for under 5 year olds are charged per family* - any siblings are welcome to join in.
      • (*except for art packs which are supplied with resources for one child only)