Do your music classes follow a specific program?

Yes! We teach Kindermusik – which is the world leader in early childhood music education. Read all about Kindermusik here. Kindermusik backs up your child’s in-class learning with full home learning materials including downloadable class songs, lyrics, home learning activities and the class story. 

Do the songs change each week or each term?

The Kindermusik program is designed to include some repetition, which is essential for learning alongside a steady stream of new activities which keep your child engaged and excited to come each week.  The program is structured to provide a two to three different themed units of learning per term, with each unit containing a wide variety of new songs and activities. There is a full years worth of programs for each individual age group, and with each new age comes new experiences, appropriate to the child’s development. 

Do parents participate in the classes?

Parents attend class and fully participate in every activity in all music classes for children under 4 yrs of age. In the 4-5 yr old classes, parents wait in the waiting room, but can hear the class and see through the door throughout the lesson. We also have a sharing time at the end of each class where parents participate or watch their child “perform”. 

How long are your classes?

All music classes for 0 – 3 yrs run for 50 minutes. Classes for 4-5 yrs run for 60 minutes. 

How big are your classes?

Hive is dedicated to providing unique and personal experience for our little Bees and  we like to keep our classes small. Depending on the age group the maximum number of students we allow is 15 in baby classes, 12 in toddler classes and 10 in preschool classes. 

Who teaches Hive music classes?

Hive music teachers have completed the “Kindermusik University” early childhood music training and are licensed to teach the program. They are also experienced in working with young children and are skilled musicians and teachers. Check our Teachers page for more info. 

Do your piano classes follow a specific program?

Yes! We use the incredible Simply Music Piano program. Read more here. 

Do your singing classes follow a specific program?

Yes! We a world-renowned program called ” The Full Voice” in all of our singing and musical theatre classes which takes beginning students through sol-fa and pattern based learning through all essential vocal skills, through to professional level singing technique. In addition to this program, our musical theatre classes focus on learning a song with choreography each term for an end of term performance. 


Can parents sit in on piano lessons?

We encourage parents to sit in on private and small group piano lessons so that you can assist your child with their home practice. If your child is able to engage better in the lesson without you watching the whole lesson, then we request that you join the lesson for the final 10 minutes so we can show you how to practice at home. 

Can parents sit in on singing classes?

We encourage our students to freely express themselves which is very difficult to do whilst being watched by adults. For this reason we do not allow parents or guardians to sit in on singing classes. 


How long are your classes?

Piano classes run for 30 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the number of students in the group. Hummingbees classes run for 30 – 45 minutes and musical theatre runs for 60 minutes.

How big are you classes?

Hive is dedicated to providing unique and personal experience for our students and we like to keep our classes small. Group piano classes have a maximum of 5 students for 45 min lessons and 3 for 30 min lessons. Hummingbees and musical theatre have a maximum of 10 students per teacher. For larger classes we have 2 voice teachers. 


Who teaches Hive music classes?

Hive music teachers are skilled musicians and singers. Read all about them on our teacher page. 

Do your drama classes follow a program?

Yes! Our NIDA trained, professional actors and teachers follow a program that develops authentic acting skills and ensures that children are exposed to a range of characters, acting genres and skills. 

Can parents watch Hive Drama classes?

Parents and guardians are not allowed to sit in on any drama classes. This gives our students the freedom to develop authentic acting skills without the performance pressure of being watched by adults. We do organise an Open Class for each class during the last week of term 2 & 4. In the open class, Parents are invited to watch the last 15 minutes of their child’s class. 

When will my child start ‘acting’?

Our entry level drama classes are taught through drama games, improvisation and play. Students develop their beginning acting skills in these early experiences of acting.  As they develop deeper skills, your class teacher will advise you of when your child can move into a selective drama class where more intensive acting teaching, balanced with games are taught. Students in our 13 yr old + selective classes engage in acting scripted performances.

Will my child be in any performances?

 Hive drama school runs two stage performances per year. The term 1 performance is a simple showcase where students work together in class groups on a performance that is suitable for their level of acting and confidence. The term 3 performance is another showcase where each class groups performs a scripted performance piece that is developed over two terms. 

What are the performance fees?

During a performance term you will be charged a small fee of $10 – $20 per student involved in the performance to help cover the cost of the venue hire and staffing for the performance. No ticket fees are charged and there are no costumes. 


What do drama students wear to class?

All students are expected to wear their Hive drama t-shirt and black shorts, leggings or trousers. Due to the active nature of the classes, NO skirts or dresses should be worn. The drama t-shirt is included in your member joining fee, and extras can be purchased in our online store

How long are your classes?

All drama classes run for 60 minutes.

How big are your classes?

Hive is dedicated to providing unique and personal experience for our drama students and we like to keep our classes small. The maximum class size is 15 students and we have an assistant drama teacher in most of our classes to ensure that each child receives quality instruction. 

Who teaches Hive Drama classes?

We’re awfully proud of our drama teachers!  Both Beth Aubrey and Alex Hussein are NIDA trained, experienced actors themselves and have been tutoring drama classes for over 10 years. Read all about them here.

Do your art classes follow a program?

Yes! Our professional practicing artists follow a specific program of instruction for each art class that ensures students are exposed to a range of techniques, artforms and skills, and that they have carefully crafted experience at forming their own artistic skills. 

Can parents watch Hive Art classes?

Our art space is just the right size for a class of 10 students and 2 teachers, and we provide a creative, free space where kids can focus and develop in a pressure free environment. For this reason we do not generally allow parents to sit and watch the class. 

What do art students wear to class?

Expect to get messy in an art class, and encourage your child to wear clothing that can get paint on it. We provide aprons in class. 

How long are your classes?

Art classes run for either 1 or 1.5 hours – check the classes pages and timetable for more info. 

How big are your classes?

Hive is dedicated to providing unique and personal experience for our art students and we like to keep our classes small. The maximum class size is 12 students and we have an assistant art teacher in most of our classes to ensure that each child receives quality instruction. 

Who teaches Hive Art classes?

We’re awfully proud of our art teachers!  CJ and Ellen are both practicing artists and their skills in drawing and painting are incredible. Check out their personal art websites here: CJ  Ellen

General FAQ’s


Who do I contact if my child cannot make a class?

If your child is unwell or unable to make a class please notify us as soon as possible in the client portal.  By doing this, you release your spot for someone else to use as a makeup class.

How do I book a makeup class?

Book your makeup classes from the client portal. You can book them in anytime during your term of enrolment, or if you’ve missed a class at the end of the term, you can make it up the following term if you are enrolled.

How long are your terms?

Hive terms run for 10 weeks. Please see our Term dates page for specific term dates 

How do I enrol? And Should I enrol as a member or non-member?

Please check our enrolment page for a full comparison of membership vs non-membership and for instructions on how to enrol.

What if I don’t want to continue my enrolment?

Members: If your child can no longer continue their Hive course, please complete the enrolment cancellation form in the client portal. As agreed to upon your enrolment, 30 days notice is required before your next payment is due.

Non-members: Your enrolment will be cancelled by Hive at the end of each term automatically. You can re-enrol online or by phone or email.  


What are the class fees?

Class fees are listed on each individual class page. Please check the classes in the top menu to find your class fees.

What are my payment options?

Upon enrolling at Hive Creative Studios you will be presented with two payments options: membership or non-membership.

Our most popular payment method by far is membership which provides you with an easy direct debit option (set and forget) and a lower fee cost. Your monthly fee will be debited each month according to the fee payment schedule.  You will be notified of an upcoming payment 1-2 days in advance to ensure your credit card hasn’t expired and you have the available funds for your automatic payment. If your payment is declined, you will be notified and you’ll have 1 week in which to transfer sufficient funds/update your card before any late fees will apply.

Our non-membership payment option offers you the choice to make term payments at the beginning of your term of enrolment. At the end of each term, your spot will be cancelled, and you’ll receive a txt message reminder to re-enrol should you wish to continue.

We accept payments by credit / debit card – Visa or Mastercard only.

If I select the membership option, when will my fees be charged?

The dates for payments throughout the year are as follows. When you enrol after the start of term or after the 1st installment we’ll calculate your fees, charging you only from your start date and will confirm your first fee amount by email before processing payment.

Term 1 installments – Jan 20, Feb 20, Mar 20

Term 2 installments – Apr 20, May 20, Jun 20

Term 3 installments – Jul 10, Aug 10, Sep 10

Term 4 installments – Oct 10, Nov 10, Dec 10

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