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Watch your child's talent and creative abilities grow at Hive!

When you enrol online at Hive, you can choose to be a Member or Non-Member


Membership is the best / lowest cost option if you think you’ll be coming to Hive classes for 2 or more terms in a calendar year.

Members Enjoy: 

  • Discounted class fees (compared to non-members)
  • Free or discounted Bonus Holiday Events
  • Multi-class discounts for children enrolled in 2 or more classes
  • Option to pause membership when you go away for 3 or more weeks, but still hold your class spot
  • Unlimited Makeups whilst your child is enrolled as a Hive Member
  • Access to our Bring a Friend for Free Program
  • Easy monthly payments
  • Money back guarantee in your 1st month of classes
  • View our Terms & Conditions for more details

Membership Fees & Policy:

  • $55 member joining fee: valid for up to 6 months after you leave Hive – rejoin within 6 months free.
  • Cancellation policy: You must give 1 months notice prior to your next payment being due.


  • Best option if you think you will only come for 1 term per calendar year.
  • 2 makeups allowed per term
  • No cancellations or refunds
  • Re-enrol at the end of the term if you’re returning
  • Non-member fees cost $30 – $40 more per 10 week term than non-members

How to enrol:

Click to proceed with your enrolment.

  • Complete the checkout process
  • All fees displayed in the checkout are monthly fees. Please ignore. We will confirm your term fee via email once we receive your enrolment.
  • Once you have confirmed by email, we will process your term fee.
  • Questions: Call us on 1300 03 03 79

Term 3

Term Dates: Jul 23- Sep 28

Length: 10 weeks

Public Holidays: None

Payment Dates:

  • Jul 10
  • Aug 10
  • Sep 10

Term 2

Term Dates: Apr 30 – Jul 6

Length: 10 weeks

Public Holidays: Queen’s Birthday: Hive is OPEN

Payment Dates:

  • Apr 10
  • May 10
  • Jun 10

Term 4

Term Dates: Oct 15 – Dec 21

Length: 10 weeks

Public Holidays: None

Payment Dates:

  • Oct 10
  • Nov 10
  • Dec 10

Term 1

Term Dates: Jan 30 – Apr 13

Length: 11 weeks in total, but closed for 1 week over Easter, bringing it to 10 weeks. 10 weeks is charged for in your fees.

Public Holidays: Easter. Hive is CLOSED for a full week over Easter from Wed 28 Mar – Tue 2 Apr.

Payment Dates:

  • Jan 10
  • Feb 10
  • Mar 10

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