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Incursions & Training

Looking for a musical enrichment incursion for your centre?  Or training and support for your teachers to implement their own musical learning?

Hive offers a range of incursions and training programs to help you access high quality learning in your Centre.

Hive’s Early Learning Teachers are all musicians and singers themselves as well as qualified teachers.  We have a wealth of experience in teaching music and creative learning, and in making learning engaging and fun for young children.

Get in touch – we look forward to bringing creative learning to the children at your Centre soon!

Music Incursions (Single Booking)

Age groups & Session Times:

  • Infants (30 min)
  • Toddlers (30 min)
  • Preschoolers (40 min)

Minimum Booking:

1.5 hours ( 3 rooms)

Price: Click through to book in to view fees


Music Incursions (Weekly Booking)

Age groups & Session Length:


Minimum Booking: 



Creative Science Incursion (Single Booking)


Drama, Musical Theatre & Dance Incursion

Age groups & Session Times:

  • Infants (30 min)
  • Toddlers (30 min)
  • Preschoolers (40 min)

Minimum Booking:

1.5 hours ( 3 rooms)

Price: Click through to book in to view fees


Art Incursion (Single Booking)

Age groups & Session Length:


Minimum Booking:



Teacher Training Workshop


Teaching Music: Foundations


Small Group Bookings: 6-12 educators

  • Course duration: 2 hrs
  • Course location: At the participants centre or at Hive, Charlestown
  • Course cost: $650 + GST

Large Group Bookings: 12 – 24 educators

Large group bookings include two Hive training educators which allows us to offer training to your specific requirements including training for specific age groups at the same time.

  • Course duration: 2.5 hrs
  • Course location: At the participants centre or at Hive, Charlestown
  • Course cost: Contact us for a discounted group booking price


Course Modules:

WHAT successful ELC musical learning experiences look like
WHY musical learning is so important in the early years
WHERE music fits into the Early Years Framework
HOW music can be used in your room including: 

  • How to plan for and lead an intentional music learning activity
  • How to plan for and lead a musical invitation to play
  • How to use music to enhance your routines
  • Optional extra – How to use music in your group or mat times

Resources Included:

  • Music planning & resource guide
  • Sample group time music plans for each age group

Training Format:

Hive training presenters are Qualified Teachers with vast experience in Early Childhood education & music teaching. The presentation format includes plenty of live demonstration, group interaction and hands on experience alongside valuable information presented both visually and verbally.  Each of your educators will receive a printed booklet of information to keep. 

Course Outcomes:

By the end of the course, participants will:
1.1 Have an understanding of how individuals with no formal musical training can implement a fun and successful musical learning program
1.2 Have knowlege on how music can explicitly meet multiple learning outcomes
1.3 Be equipped with valuable teaching skills and ideas to generate engaging musical opportunities throughout the day for children to MAKE and APPRECIATE music, from 0-5 years.
1.4 Have an understanding how to set up the physical environment to ensure student engagement and safety.
1.5 Have access to a database of tools and resources to guide them on making age appropriate instrument, music and activity choices.

National Quality Standard Areas:

Area 1 – Educational Program Practice
Area 2 – Relationships with Children
Area 3 – Physical Environment


Hive Educators and Trainers

Melissa Saunders

Melissa has a background and qualifications in early childhood teaching and music education – giving you and your child a complete educational and creative experience. Before joining the Hive, Melissa worked as an Early Childhood Teacher and Director and also as a Voice Teacher and Choir Director. Melissa’s skills extend to the stage as well, where she has many years of experience in writing, directing and producing musicals and dramatic theatre productions.

She’s also a singer and songwriter – you might just see her wowing audiences at live performances in local venues around Newcastle.

Melissa is a proud mum to Natasha and Daniel, who share her passion for beautiful music and performance.

Vanessa Lynch

Vanessa has a B.Ed (hons) – Bachelor of Education with a major in Music and has spent several years teaching classroom music in high schools and primary schools in London. Vanessa is an accomplished pianist and flute player and has achieved an ATCL level in performance.

While studying an honours degree in Music Education, with a focus on neural research on children’s intellect and cognitive function, she discovered that music is especially powerful in shaping a child’s interests and abilities in the preschool years. Opening Hive, a creative learning studio for local families, was a natural step in her desire to give children the opportunity to develop the cognitive and musical skills that early childhood music training offers.

Emily Kingsmill

Emily is a pianist, singer and teacher. She grew up playing the piano then completed her Psychology in Education degree back in England. She qualified as a Primary School teacher, then as an Early Childhood educator here in Australia. She is passionate about children learning through the joy of music and is delighted to be putting both her love of music and education together at Hive. 

Her two little boys share her love of music, and together they like to spend time exploring and adventuring outdoors, going to the beach, sailing, crafting, baking, plus singing, dancing and making music!

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