Hive Drama School offers a space where students can safely explore the world of drama. Drama promotes tolerance and mutual respect as children work together to create theatre and explore imaginative experiences. At Hive, our drama students are provided with the opportunities to learn and develop communication skills, creativity, self-expression and problem-solving skills. Students learn to listen, negotiate, share ideas and work collaboratively. Hive drama is the perfect setting for exploring these skills in a safe non-threatening environment.

YEARS (1-2), (3-4) & (5-6)

Primary Drama

For our primary age students our drama team will provide the opportunities to really discover and explore the true meaning of dramatic play. Students will be supported to experiment with role-play as well as developing important social skills (listening, negotiating, initiating new ideas and problem solving in a team). In addition to developing key drama skills to build their craft upon, our primary students will develop key skills in devising.

Devising theatre empowers all of our students to contribute and collaborate which in turn produces a rich and rewarding experience for all. Furthermore, our students’ learning and development progresses through improvisations that are based on a theme, action or relationship that is of common interest to all. Through improvisation students develop ideas and are encouraged to take risks in a supportive and inclusive environment.

UNIFORM REQUIRED: Perfroming arts students are required to wear the studio shirt to class every week. Purchase your shirt via the Client Portal.

YEARS (7-8) & (9-12)

Teen Drama

Our teens are provided with the opportunities to investigate and explore the craft of drama in accordance and with relevance to their age group. Our teenagers feel empowered to collaborate alongside their peers and teachers in order to explore the factors which contribute to the building blocks of a play including plot, characters, structure, style and form as well as exploring various settings and staging.

Students are encouraged to develop their understanding of narrative, focus and structure whilst attending to the careful planning and consideration of the audience’s perspective. Furthermore, our older students are encouraged and taught to experiment and play with imaginative concepts and to jump into the abyss of the unknown.

UNIFORM REQUIRED: Perfroming arts students are required to wear the studio shirt to class every week. Purchase your shirt via the Client Portal.

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Current Term Projects

YEAR 1 – 12

Term 3, 2021

Yrs 1 -12

The world of Rehearsal Fun… mostly! All students will be in rehearsal mode in term 3 as we we put in our final weeks of practice leading up to our big Showcase Performance Day (Sunday 12th September 2021). Students will not only rehearse their production numbers, they will learn all about staging requirements and what it takes to stage a production number. This is an exhilarating term that culminates into a huge amount of pride as our students take to the stage.

Upcoming Term Projects

Enrolment Information

Drama Fees 2022

Hive offers both a Term Upfront enrolment option & a Monthly Installment enrolment option for students.

Full term enrolment: 

1 Hour Standard Drama Classes:
$21/Class ($210/10 week term)

Multi-Class Discount (Applicable for both Drama & Musical Theatre):
$38/2 classes/week ($380/10 week term)

Extension Drama Classes:
$25/Class ($250/10 week term)

Payment Options:

  • Opt 1: A monthly playment plan (3 equal installments)
  • Opt 2: Upfront fee payment

Enrolment Information:

• Enrolments Auto-renew every term. For upfront term payments, your enrolment will auto-enrol in week 8 of the term for the following term and your card will be debited in week 9 for the next terms fees.  Prior to this occuring you will receive 2 text and email alerts.
• No cancellations during the term. All cancellations must be submitted in week 9 for the following term. You will be notified via email, text message and the School Stream App as this date approaches
• Your spot is always held for you
• Unlimited makeups
• 10% off holiday workshops

Performing Arts Uniform: New students must purchase a Hive Perfroming Arts shirt to wear class each week. These can be purchased via the HIVE SHOP.


Covid 19 Plan

Should the Hive be required to close at any time due to COVID 19 in our community, the following plan will be implemented:

All classes will continue using our live online learning format. Students will have access to unlimited online classes in both drama and musical theatre for the same weekly price. 

Should you wish to cancel your classes until we reopen – simply follow the usual cancellation process. You can continue online until the end of the month.

Hive Drama Teachers

Matt Harper
Head of Drama

Teya Duncan
Drama Teacher

Sascha Okenhall
Head of Performing Arts

Danny Folpp
Drama Teacher

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If for any reason you wish to cancel your enrolment within your first month of classes, we will refund your remaining tuition fees and cancel your enrolment.

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1st month period applies for 30 days starting on the date of your first class

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