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Art, drawing, Sculpture and painting classes in Newcastle

Location: 8 Frederick St, Charlestown
Class size: up to 12
Class length: 1 hour 5-8 yr | 1.5 hours 8-12 yr
Program length: Ongoing – Join anytime
Cost: From $25 (see details)


The Fine Art program at Hive is designed to expose children to influential artists within a movement, period, or era. Each term focuses on one of these movements, with famous artworks inspired by two or three artists within that theme. Children delve deeper in this program to understand more about the artist – their thinking behind the artwork, their story, and what inspired them to create their works. This program works with a variety of mediums utilising the skills of drawing, painting, sculpture, charcoal and more to create their work, and students develop a strong foundation in art history. This program is very educational and loads of fun! 

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If for any reason you wish to cancel your enrolment within your first month of classes, we will refund your member joining fee and any remaining tuition fees.*

*Applies to member enrolments only. 


CJ Gozashti

CJ Gozashti

Practicing Artist & Art Teacher

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$25 per class

This fee is made up of: Weekly tuition: $21 + Weekly resource levy: $4 = Total $25 per week

Tuition & resource fee includes:

  • One class per week
  • All resources required for classes
  • Unlimited makeup classes (during the term of enrolment only).

Billing Options: 

1. Hive Members: Weekly tuition is charged in monthly installments of $70, total of $210 per 10 week term. Resource levy is charged in monthly installments of $13.33 per month, total of $40.


2. Non-Members: Weekly tuition is charged upfront by the term: $250 per 10 week term.*

An administration charge of $20 applies to each non-member enrolment*

*Click to read more info about member / non member enrolment options.

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Pro-Rated Fees:

Join anytime! ALL fees are pro-rated and charged from your START DATE

Multi-Class Discounts:

Individual students enrolled in 2 or more classes per week:

  • 2 classes per week: $35*
  • 3 classes per week: $50*
  • 4 classes per week: $60*

*Plus applicable class resource levies

Family Discounts:

10% off total bill for families with 3 or more siblings enrolled.