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      Fine Art

      Art, drawing, Sculpture and painting classes for kids and teens in Newcastle

      What's on: Term 1

      Learn to draw, colour and paint in the Animé style.

      What's on: Term 1

      Learn to draw different emotions for your Animé characters

      What's on: Term 1

      Create a fantasy painting

      What's on: Term 1

      Work with clay to sculpt Animé figures that we’ll use to create a sculptured hanging art.

      Meet Sia

      Sia Cox is an interdisciplinary artist, working across painting, drawing and sculpture. In her art practice, she reflects on relationships between people and place. In 2009 Sia graduated from The National Art School, Sydney and moved to Alice Springs where she spent the next eight years exploring the desert, developing her practice and exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions in Alice Springs, Darwin and Sydney.


      Welcome to Fine Art! Fine art is all about expressing oneself through drawing, painting and sculpting – drawing inspiration from other artists, nature, and culture, and developing the skills to be able to create the images in your mind. 

      Throughout each term students learn and refine their skills in: 

      • drawing
      • painting
      • sculpture

       Each term includes these three major elements and works with a variety of mediums such as clay, wire, paint, pencil, charcoal, inks, collage, markers and fabrics to create their work. 

      Our fine art classes will delve into the world of Anime art as they develop their own anime characters, learn drawing techniques and how to create expressions and moods for their characters. Then we’ll develop our skills in sculpture and form, creating anime figures and sculptures using clay. Finally we will paint our favourite anime character in a mixed media artwork.

      • Location: 8 Frederick St, Charlestown
      • Class size: up to 12
      • Class length: 1.5 hours
      • Age group: Year 3 – 6   
      • Program length: Each term theme runs for 10 weeks, join anytime
      • Satisfaction Guarantee: First Month (see details)
      • Cost: All inclusive price (no extra costs involved)  $27 (see details) 



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