Our preschool classes are designed to nurture your child’s natural creativity and build the skills and confidence to become creative thinkers, in turn supporting their intellectual development. Being a creative thinker opens the limits of knowledge, making new connections and promoting the onset of wonderful ideas that enable them to better understand their world and its possibilities! 


Our 3 Yr old Program wraps your little one in a world of make-believe accompanied by incredible musical learning. They will go sailing on breezy, calm seas with animated pirates; tumble and scamper around like a clown in the circus and go on wild adventures, including fast, whistling train rides.

Whilst your busy little bee is exploring their world of imagination, they’ll also be:

  • tuning up their singing voice with our professional singers;
  • fine-tuning their listening skills as we teach them to hear and respond to musical patterns;
  • strum chords on ukulele;
  • use their whole body to respond to music through joyful movement using hoops, parachute, balls and more;
  • gain a sense of rhythm as they play back rhythmic patterns on the drums and so much more.


Our 4 Yr Old Musical Bees Program nurtures your child’s creative flow, strengthening the natural connection they share with the marvel of music and giving them the confidence and skill to create their own.

Based on the successful Orff and Kodaly approaches to teaching music through expressive movement, listening, echoing and patterns, our classes provide your child with the right environment for them to spread their wings and let their musical skills soar.

In Our 4-5 y.o Program Your Child Will:

Dance, move and playfully experience songs and stories that are designed to lead to deeper learning.

  • Learn to strum 1 and 2 chord songs on the ukulele.
  • Learn to create stories through sound.
  • Develop the ability to hear, sing and play back tunes on xylophone.
  • Learn to sing in tune.
  • Discover that music can be written down, and begin to read music using symbols, pictures and rhythmic notes.
  • Participate in group music making using percussion, drums, ukulele, recorder and xylophone.

BEE-SCHOOL (3-5 Yr Olds)

Hive’s innovative Bee-School program is unique and designed to help give your child the best quality creative arts education in an easy-access format. During Bee-School your child will enjoy playful, interactive classes in music, drama, art, dance, school readiness and Spanish where they’ll learn alongside expert teachers, musicians, actors and artists, and grow in skill and confidence.


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