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Hive Creative Play

Hive’s Creative Play Class Designed for Babies & Toddlers

Hive Creative Play classes are a relaxed fusion of music, dancing, fine & gross motor and sensory play and are designed to aid the physical, cognitive and emotional development of infants (0-2 yrs). The classes are also a fantastic social outlet for parents and children to bond, make new friends and develop a highly valued support network.

Our equipment is of the highest quality and our programs focus on a different theme each week, offering a variety of activities and focus skills. Plus, we love the much welcomed perk of freshly made coffee for our parents to enjoy. 

Meet up with friends at your or make new friends – it’s easy in our social, friendly setting.  If you’re part of a Mothers group already, we do open classes for Mother’s groups – simply contact us by email to find out more.

Non-Mobile Babies 0-8 mth

Classes for non-mobile babies provide an interactive music and sensory experience. Class begins with a 35 min music and movement class followed by free exploration time with our high quality sensory play resources & coffee & chat time for parents.

Watch the video below to see our music session in action.  

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Babies 7 – 14 mth

Classes for crawlers and babies over 7 months provide an interactive group time including songs, rhyme, story, & dance followed by free exploration time on our high quality gross motor play zone and sensory equipment plus coffee & chat time for parents. 

Watch the video below to see our Creative Play class in action.

Walkers 12-24 mth

Classes for walkers provide a high energy interactive group time designed for busy toddlers including songs, movement, dance, story and rhyme followed by gross motor circuit and activity stations.  Parents enjoy fresh coffee and connecting with others during the free play time. 

Watch the video below to see our Creative Play class in action.


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Early music education nurtures multiple areas of a child’s development, including cognitive, physical, language, social-emotional and creativity.

Did you know music is one of the few activities that use both sides of the brain (logical and creative)? This means it helps build important brain connections, and the more connections we have, the faster we are able to think. And let’s not forget, creating and sharing music is super fun too!

Gross Motor Play

Early childhood is a time of significant development in gross motor skills. Building and nurturing these skills is needed to perform everyday functions such as sitting, standing, walking and running and later on, playground and sporting skills. Each week in Hives Creative Play classes, we focus on a couple of Gross Motor skills such as core strength, balance and hand-eye coordination using our quality equipment and themed resources.

Sensory Exploration 

As a part of early childhood development, it’s important to provide opportunities for babies to actively use their senses as a means of exploring and understanding the world around them. With each new Creative Play theme, we present babies with a carefully selected sample of sensory objects/experiences to investigate and make connections. This opens up new pathways to learn about themselves and their environment, contributing to the development of motor skills, language, problem solving and mindfulness.


Satisfaction Guarantee:

If for any reason you wish to cancel your enrolment within your first two weeks of classes, simply email us and we will refund any remaining fees paid. 




$21 per week

Includes: enrolment in one class per week per child plus unlimited extra classes*

Multi Class Pricing: 

$35 per week

Includes: enrolment in two of any Hive classes per week for one child plus unlimited extra classes*

*(book in weekly, dependent on availability).

Billing: Fees are billed monthly on the 1st of each month for the number of scheduled classes in that month. Cancellations must be submitted BEFORE the 1st of the month. Late cancellations are processed the following month.

COVID-19 Plan

  • All shared-touch surfaces are disinfected regularly and between every class. Participants must sanitise their hands upon entry and exit. 
  • Only 1 adult per enrolled child may enter.

Should the Hive be required to close at any time due to COVID 19 in our community, the following plan will be implemented:

All Creative Play classes, enrolments and fees will be paused until classes reopen. Upon reopening, enrolments will be automatically reinstated and unused fees paid before closure will be credited to reopened classes.


There are two ways to trial Hive Classes:

1. Secure your spot now - enrol in the class of your choice.  Your enrolment includes a two week trial period. After your second class, if you don’t wish to continue, cancel your enrolment to receive a refund for remaining classes.

2. Book a 2 week trial here. Trial bookings do not hold a spot in the class.

Get to know Hive

Our 2 Week Trial Pass is the perfect way to find the right class fit for your child at Hive.

Attend 2 of any classes within 2 weeks for just $35. 

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Hive Member Enrolments:

If for any reason you wish to cancel your enrolment within your first month of classes, we will refund your remaining tuition fees and cancel your enrolment.

Please note:

1st month period applies for 30 days starting on the date of your first class

Satisfaction guarantee applies to:

  • Members who are NEW to Hive
  • NEW enrolments in Bee-School (for new and existing Hive clients)

Alternatively: you can CHANGE your enrolment to any other Hive class / program if you are unsatisfied, with no notice period.