Baby Mother’s Group

With Music, Baby Development Talks and Coffee

Location: 8 Frederick St, Charlestown
Class size: up to 20
Class length: 75 minutes
Program length: Ongoing – Join anytime
Cost: $21 (see details)


We are excited to announce our NEW Baby Bee Mothers Group Classes.

Baby Bee Mothers Group embraces motherhood and baby development and is all about providing an environment for Mums to connect and learn and for Babies to grow and develop in a holistic way. 

Parents will love the inclusions of guest speakers, early childhood trained teachers, a music class, useful hand-outs each week plus coffee, cake and catch up time to meet other new parents.

This 1 hour & 15 min class includes weekly: 

  • Baby Development talk & discussion time (15-20min)
  • Chat time with Coffee & Cake (+baby play time!) 20-30 min
  • Baby Music Class (30 min)

Sessions are offered for both non-mobile babies and babies age 7-13 months. 

Baby Bee Mother’s Groups run on Mondays at 11:15am for non mobile babies and 12:45 for babies age 7- 13 months. 

Book a trial for our launch dates to see if our new relaxed-style class is for you and your baby.

Our Baby-Bees music programs are developed and written by Kindermusik: the world-leader in early childhood music development.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If for any reason you wish to cancel your enrolment within your first month of classes, we will refund your member joining fee and any remaining tuition fees.*

*Applies to member enrolments only. 


Melissa Saunders

Melissa Saunders

Qualified Kindermusik Teacher

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Mel Box

Mel Box

Qualified Kindermusik Teacher

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  • - per class, per child
  • - billed upfront by the term at $230 per 10 week term

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