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Children's Private Music Lessons - Piano, Voice, Ukulele, Guitar, Flute, Saxaphone in Newcastle

Music – it’s the gift that keeps on giving. It’s great for the soul, brain, emotions and confidence. Sound and rhythm not only engages the brain and encourages movement, it offers a rich creative outlet that inspires your child to gain confidence, communicate and express him/herself.

Our Bee Musical private lessons are designed for children, teens and adults from 5 years old and up to express their inner creativity through music as they learn to play an instrument and to read musical notation.  You’ll be amazed as your young musician blossoms into an expressive performer under the nurturing influence of our dedicated, qualified tutors.

The instruments we currently offer for private tuition are: piano, guitar, keyboard, voice, ukulele, saxaphone and flute.


Why Choose Hive

Learn to read and write musical notation

Learn to play tunes and songs

Be guided through the foundations of music in a thorough yet child-friendly approach

Quick Bee-Tails

Age Grouping: 5 years through to adult

Lesson length: 30 min lessons

Program length: 10 weeks, or following school terms

Private Lesson Cost: $35 for 30 min
Shared Less Cost: $22 for 30 min (2 children per lesson)

For all enquiries or to enrol please contact us on 1300 03 03 79 or *protected email*.


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