Musical Bees

Pre-Piano Musical Foundation Lessons in Newcastle for 5–8 year olds

Would you like to give your child the gift of music?  Would you like them to be musically talented?  At Hive we believe that talent is GROWN, not BORN.  That’s why we have developed our Bee Musical program – to nurture and grow your child’s inner musical talent and lead them on step-by-step journey of developing musical skill.

Our trained and experienced teachers provide a thorough step-by-step approach to this class to ensure your child’s musical skills and enjoyment of making music thrive.  The classes involve singing, movement to music, ensemble playing, reading and writing music, and playing by ear.

Research on children’s music lessons has found that children both enjoy and stick with playing an instrument for a lot longer if they develop their foundational music skills before starting private lessons.  In fact, skipping the foundational music development that Bee Musical provides is like skipping Kindergarten and putting your child straight into Year 1 at school, expecting them to read without first learning their phonics or alphabet!

Children who are ready for the next step after Musical Bees easily flow into our Simply Music Group Piano Lesson classes. Read More

Why Choose Hive

Our program takes children on a progressive journey of skill building incorporating:

Kodaly-Based Ear Training 

  • Hearing specific chord changes and responding with hand signs for each change
  • Hearing the pitch changes in our Piano Play songs
  • Pitch matching songs and singing in tune
  • Singing our Piano Play songs and using body signs to signal each note change

Instrument Play:

  • Playing 2-3 chord songs on ukulele
  • Playing 2 – 5 note songs on keyboard by ear – this is like learning ‘Phonics’ in Kindergarten before you learn to read words
  • Playing ensemble songs on xylophone

Kodaly-Based Reading & Writing:

  • Colour coded Kodaly system of reading music – this is like learning the Alphabet before you learn to read words
  • Learning to read the position of notes on the stave (no letter names introduced in this level)
  • Writing the notes on the stave for the songs we can sing
  • Reading 3-note songs on the stave

Quick Bee-Tails

  • Age grouping: 5 – 8 years
  • Class size: 8
  • Class length:  60 minutes
  • Program length: 12 month program, runs during school terms
  • Class Fees:
    • Members – $23 per session per child, billed by the month at $76
    • Joining fee of $55 for new or lapsed members
    • Non-Members – $27 per session per child, billed by the term at $270


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