Baby Bees

Hive’s Sensory Baby Class Designed for Babies

Does your baby respond to music?  Are you wondering how best to nurture your baby’s development?

Our Baby Bees Program offers every opportunity for your child’s little mind to grow as we create a musically rich environment in every class.  Your baby’s brain contains literally billions of neurons – all just waiting to be connected through musical and sensory stimulation.

Immersing your baby in music from birth causes your baby’s brain to connect and grow neural pathways that will form the foundations of their creative talent in music, art, language and maths for their future. The optimum time for this to occur is while the brain is still rapidly growing – between birth and 3 years of age.

Each class is designed to nurture your little bee’s intellectual, speech, social, physical, creative and emotional development through music, rhyme, sound and rhythm. Enjoy countless opportunities to bond, laugh and create precious memories with your baby.  By the end of the Baby Bees Program your mind will be filled with special new ways to settle and soothe your baby bee, you will have a head full of songs your child will love and lifelong friends.

Baby Bees classes are available in these age groups:

  • 0-8 months: for non-mobile babies
  • 6-12 months: for babies who are sitting up and enjoy exploring toys and sounds
  • Tiny Bees classes for 1 year olds follow on from Baby Bees


Why Choose Hive

  • Unlimited Makeups during your term of enrolment
  • Clean rooms and hygienic toys: all class toys are steam sterilized before each use.
  • Recommended by Paediatricians:Did you know that music is one of the only activities that engages and activates the entire brain at once?  That is why paediatricians and early childhood teachers all over the world recommend Kindermusik classes for babies.
  • Industry Leaders: Hive Creative Studios is the largest Kindermusik program in Australia and in the top 1% of Kindermusik studio’s in the world.
  • World-Class Programs: The Baby Bees program follows the Kindermusik curriculum.  Kindermusik is a research-based program designed to develop a child’s intellect, speech & language, emotional intelligence, and more.
  • Central Location: only 2 min walk from Charlestown Square.
  • Air-conditioned, clean comfortable classrooms. Hive cares for Mummy’s too!  A comfortable large waiting area is provided, giving you space to catch up with your new class friends before or after class. Coffee and baby play area provided.

Quick Bee-Tails

  • Ages: 0-8 months & 6-12 months
  • Class size: up to 15
  • Class length: 50 minutes
  • Program length: 10 week term
  • Class Fees:
    • Members – $18.90 per session per child, billed by the month at $63
    • Joining fee of $55 for new or lapsed members
    • Non Members – $23 per session per child, billed by the term at $230
  • Includes: All Class songs Mp3s, stories and home activities & unlimited makeups
  • Group Discounts available for Mother’s Groups. Contact us for more info

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