Bee Artistic

Art, drawing and painting classes in Newcastle for Children, Teens and Adults

Does your child love to draw, paint and explore colour? Maybe you always wanted to learn to draw or paint yourself but never had the opportunity.

Expressing oneself with a paintbrush or clay is such a liberating experience. Children are naturally captivated by colour, shape and form and their unlimited curiosity along with their lack of inhibition creates a beautiful raw platform for exploring art and developing the mindset of an artist.

Bee Artistic classes at Hive provide an environment of expressive and creative innovation.  Children and Teens are creatively immersed in the principals of fine art: drawing, painting, print making and sculpture whilst enjoying a pressure-free, relaxed atmosphere.

Fine Art Program for 3 – 5 | 5 – 8 | 8 – 12 yrs

Length: 1 hr 3 – 8 yrs | 1.5 hrs 8 – 12 yrs

Fees: Members $25 per class (1 hr) $27 per class (1.5 hr) | Non-members $30 per class

Fine art classes at Hive provide an environment of expressive and creative innovation in a friendly, relaxed environment. The program is designed to introduce and explore the styles and works of specific artists. Students look at and interact with their artworks, learn and practice the techniques involved and create their own artworks in that style. Our projects explore a wide range of art forms, including clay and wire sculpture, paint and texture, drawing and charcoal, layering and collage and more.

Preschool art classes run in our Bee-School sessions only

Drawing Program for 8-12 | 13-18 yrs | Adult

Length: 1 hr 8 – 12 yrs | 1.5 hrs 13 yrs +

Fees: Members $25 per class | Non-members $30 per class

Drawing is a universal way of communicating and a skill that so many people wish they had!  Children, Teens and Adults alike are fascinated with the ability to draw but often find it so difficult to master.  The drawing program at Hive breaks down the principles and skills involved in drawing into manageable learning steps.  Students will learn about perspective, light, shading, texture and shapes and experience drawing with pencil, charcoal, pastel, pen, ink and more. Each term we have a particular drawing focus:

Term 1 = Animation (cartoon, Manga)

Term 2 = Portraits (eyes, faces, hair etc)

Term 3 = Animals

Term 4 = Landscape

Painting Program for 8-12 | 13-18 yrs | Adult

Length: 1 hr 8 – 18 yrs | 1.5 hrs adult

Fees: Members $25 per class (1 hr) $27 per class (1.5 hr) | Non-members $30 per class

Expressing yourself with a paintbrush is a skill that children, teens and adults alike are naturally drawn to.  In our painting classes your child will relish the opportunity to refine their artistic skills and create incredible paintings of landscapes, portraits, and in a full range of artistic styles.

Our experienced, practicing artists teach you how to incorporate perspective and colour theory into your painting, and add depth and luminous warmth with acrylic washes and glazes. We’ll teach you about hues and help you implement refreshing colour pairings, soft and hard lines to represent the ever-changing nature of shadow and light on your subject.

Artisan Program for 5-8 | 8-12 yrs

Length: 1 hr

Fees: Members $25 per class (1 hr) | Non-members $30 per class

The Artisan program is designed for students with a keen interest in the more tactile and practical art forms such as mosaic pictures, jewellery making, fabric and clothing art, wood art, ornamental artworks and so much more.

Each term has a specific focus and students are invited to have input into our course content so that we can incorporate their interests and ideas.

Our 2019 content: 

  • Mosaic Pictures & 3D Mosaic sculptures
  • Paper Quilling
  • Jewellery
  • Wood pictures
  • + students ideas

Why Choose Hive

  • Central Location with comfortable air conditioned rooms and parents lounge.
  • Exceptional Teaching: Hive’s Art teachers are qualified with B.A (fine arts) or higher
  • Easy Makeup Classes: Missing a class? You can make it up in any of Hive’s programs that suit your child’s age group, within the term you are enrolled in.



Quick Bee-Tails

  • Ages: 3 yrs to adult
  • Class size: 1 artist + assistant teacher to 12 children
  • Program length: ongoing, enrol anytime
  • Payment Methods:
    • Members –  billed by the month
    • Joining fee of $55 for new or lapsed members
    • Non-Members – billed upfront at time of enrolment

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