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How to Stimulate Creative Thinking in Your Child

How to stimulate creative thinking among children this holiday Many parents think that creativity can’t be learned and it’s an inborn talent.  That either a child is born with or without it. However, the truth is that creativity is a skill that can be developed in every child. There are various activities that adults can do… Read more »

Parenting Through Sibling Rivalry in the School Holidays

How to Parent Through Sibling Rivalry in The Holiday Every time the word ‘sibling’ comes up, it usually seems to be accompanied by ‘rivalry’ despite the fact that most sibling relationships are solid and loving. Sibling rivalry is a common challenge in every household, and it doesn’t make it easier on a parent’s sanity. Let’s… Read more »

Creative Thinking improves a child’s ability to invent their own play

Children naturally have short attention spans and it is common for them to complain of boredom. Watching television or playing on ipads or tablets is a common way children distract and if not carefully regulated, they can spend excessive amounts of time on the screen leading to vision and learning problems. There are various other… Read more »

How Simply Music is Changing the Way Kids Learn Piano

Piano lessons are often seen as difficult and time consuming. And through traditional methods they sure can be. However, one music education group is changing the way children learn piano. Hive’s new Simply Music Piano program has a more natural approach to music education.   In the same way that we all learn to speak… Read more »

How to Nurture Healthy Social Skills for Kindergarten

Starting School for the first time is a big milestone in a child’s life. Kindergarten is the beginning of a learning path that will support and guide your child’s future for the rest of their lives. But a common concern that a lot of parents have here in Australia is whether or not their child… Read more »

Hot Tips for School-Holiday Survival!

Once again the school holidays have crept up on us!  The much-needed break is a perfect opportunity for parents to enjoy some quality time with the kids. Children fully benefit from the time off from the usual pre-school or school routine, but sometimes school holidays can end up being a juggling act for their parents.… Read more »

Why is correct pencil grip important?

Parents usually watch out for all of the important aspects of childhood learning. However, even for the most attentive parents, small details such as the importance of a good pencil grip can go unnoticed. And why is this important? For one, a good pencil grip facilitates legibility, letter formation, speed and endurance. An efficient pencil… Read more »

Building Resilience in Your Child Through Drama Classes

When your child gets teased or bullied at school, excluded by others or feels like they are no good at anything, the natural reaction many parents have is to overprotect their children. However this tends to do more harm than good! Raising a child who knows how to deal with adversities and knows how to… Read more »

How Learning a Second Language Improves a Child’s Communication and Social Skills

Learning a second language has so many advantages, like improving career opportunities or the ability to communicate with more people. But learning a second language as a child means a whole lot more. It offers your child a chance to develop their growing brain in different ways by exposing them to different cultures and experiences… Read more »