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      5 Easy Ways to Enjoy Indoor Musical Activities

      Musical activities are a great way for children and parents to bond during free time. On those days when the weather is less than ideal, indoor musical activities can be a great way to keep your little bees having fun while stimulating their creativity, and are also...

      Music and The Brain: How Music Classes Can Change Your Child’s Brain

      There’s an expression in Portuguese that says “quem canta, seus males espanta,” which roughly translates to those who sing scare away their woes. As it turns out, that’s more than just a popular saying. Multiple studies point out that music classes have the ability to...

      Hive Named Top Program In Australia Award

      Hive Creative Studios has been named the Top Program in Australia, for the fourth year in a row, and the 9th in the world, by Kindermusik International, the world’s leading publisher of music and movement programs. The Kindermusik Top Program award recognizes...

      New Class Announcement

      We’re very excited to announce a new addition to our Beehive: artist Jennifer Strutt, who will be teaching our newly opened Primary Art Class. Jennifer calls herself  a colourist. She lives and breaths colour and has been a professional Visual Artist for over 20...

      Teaching Your Child to be a Monday Person

      Let’s face it, the majority of adults dread Mondays, so why would it be different for kids? Starting a new school routine isn’t easy and teaching kids to understand that the week’s duties and activities start on Mondays can be pretty challenging. So, here are some...

      What Kids Really Learn In Drama Classes

      It’s a common thing for parents to wonder what exactly their children learn during Drama classes, especially since it can look like they are 'just playing'! While we can’t speak for every single methodology out there, today we want to show you more of our approach to...

      Does Your Kid Love Drumming at Home? Read This.

      You’ve probably played drumming with your child at least once. The movement of drumming on a table or on the floor seems to be almost an instinct for kids, but did know that drumming benefits go way beyond providing your kid with fun and laughter? Firstly, drumming...

      One School Proves That Music Can Change Kids Relationship With Learning

      Music is one of those activities that parents and school tend to see as leisure, and therefore less important than subjects like math and science. However, what most people don’t know is that besides being an outlet for creativity and emotions music can help a child’s...

      Sensory Development in Babies: From womb to first year.

      Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages of life, but it’s also one full questions and uncertainties. Pregnant women who are expecting for the first time often do a lot of research to understand the development of their baby while they’re still in the womb, but...

      Inspiring Creativity Through Sewing Classes

      Sewing is one of those activities that are always as extremely gendered. Most people tend to see it as girl forward activity and completely forget that sewing is one of those life skills that might be very helpful during adulthood regardless of your gender. The...

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