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COVID Safe Policy & Changes to Hive

COVID safe policy: Physical distancing measures taken No waiting inside the building: arrive on time or wait outside. Kindermusik classes: 1 adult only in building per child Bee-School: Drop off / Pickup from courtyard, Arrive exactly on time, do not wait in...

Hive is Reopening

Hive is reopening on Monday June 15 Today the NSW Government has announced that indoor classes can reopen from the 15th of June with max capacity of 10 participants per class.  We are so excited that we can reopen our amazing creative classes for face to face...

Covid 19 Update – 21st May

With the announcement that travel will be allowed and other restrictions will be lifted from the 1st June we have enquired with the NSW government business help centre as to when Hive classes can reopen. We were advised that all information about which businesses can...

COVID-19 Update

Following the Government announcement on Friday about the stages of reopening Australian businesses, Hive will have a staggered re-opening of school age classes once NSW moves into stage two. There is currently no date set for stage two by the NSW Government - follow...

COVID-19 Questions: When Will Hive Classes Re-Open?

4th May 2020 Our Hive Team are currently preparing for when we are able to re-open. We are closely following Government directives for businesses that are classed as "non essential services". We understand there is some confusion around due to schools being reopened....

How to Set Tie-Dye

We use the RIT brand of tie-dye. Below are the instructions from their website on setting the colour to prevent it washing out: To help set the dye, we recommend using your microwave. Wrap the dyed fabric in plastic wrap and seal the edges. Place the wrapped fabric on...

How to bake Sculpey Clay

Your child has brought home some beautiful Oven-Bake clay creations today!   Here's how to bake it so it will last forever:    1. Preheat oven to 130 degrees celsius 2. Place the clay in a cookie baking tray lined with baking paper (waxed) 3. Bake for approx...

How to Stimulate Creative Thinking in Your Child

How to stimulate creative thinking among children this holiday Many parents think that creativity can’t be learned and it’s an inborn talent.  That either a child is born with or without it. However, the truth is that creativity is a skill that can be developed...

Parenting Through Sibling Rivalry in the School Holidays

How to Parent Through Sibling Rivalry in The Holiday Every time the word ‘sibling’ comes up, it usually seems to be accompanied by ‘rivalry’ despite the fact that most sibling relationships are solid and loving. Sibling rivalry is a common challenge in every...

Creative Thinking improves a child’s ability to invent their own play

Children naturally have short attention spans and it is common for them to complain of boredom. Watching television or playing on ipads or tablets is a common way children distract and if not carefully regulated, they can spend excessive amounts of time on the screen...

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