Hive Under 5

Hive offers a wide variety of creative learning opportunities for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.
Begin your child’s journey with our experienced educators and watch them thrive!  

0 – 10 MONTHS

The Baby Room

Child Development Focus: Building language foundations & cognitive skills

A one hour class that includes a musical learning session with songs, rhymes, dance and instrument play, followed by a guided sensory exploration time with our unique toys and sensory area.  Social Time for Mums is included.


The Play Room

Child Development Focus: Developing social/emotional Skills & resilience.

A one hour class with a guided musical learning time followed by free exploration time in Sensory Play, Messy Play & Gross Motor Play. Exciting new themes each week!

Class times are available for:
10-18 months
1 year olds
2 year olds
3 year olds

1 – 5 YEARS

The Music Room

Child Development Focus: Musical and cognitive skills

A 45 min learning session filled with Songs, Rhymes, Instrument & Sensory Play, Movement & Dance led by our talented Hive musicians & singers. Kindermusik is an AWARD WINNING research based programme presented by staff trained in early childhood development proven to increase the language, social and cognitive skills of your child.

Class times are available for:
1 year olds
2 year olds
3 year olds
4-5 year olds

3.5 – 5 YEARS

Preschool Performing Arts

Perfect for the budding performer!

We harness imagination to begin your childs’ creative journey with a fusion of dance, singing and drama. Focusing on the foundational skills of emotional intelligence, collaborative creative thinking and self-regulation, we use sensory play, dance, movement and theatrical games to build their confidence to perform.

3 – 5 YEARS


Perfect for the all-rounder creative!

Hives Bee-School program is really something unique in terms of early childhood education. With a primary focus on the creative arts, it’s our aim to nurture creative thinking and develop talent in Art, Musicianship and Performance. We offer half and full-day programs, 5 days a week.