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Art School

Hive Art School

Hive Creative Studios is a hub of activity for young artists and all who love creating.  The Hive Art School is run by a vibrant team of professional practicing artists and designers and provides a supportive and exciting environment for students to explore all forms of art, be inspired by the great artists and to develop their own style of artistry in our Fine Art programs or hone their skill in a specific area such as drawing or painting.

Drawing Classes

Age Range: 8 – 12 yrs | 12 – 15 yrs

A program specifically designed to develop drawing techniques and skill. Students will learn to draw using techniques such as perspective, light, shading, texture and shapes.  Weekly classes run at our Charlestown Studio. More

Animé Drawing Classes

Age Range: 10 – 13 yrs | 13 – 16 yrs

An illustrators program specifically designed for students who enjoy animé, manga and cartoon drawing styles.  The program teaches students drawing techniques within these styles and has a focus on creating and developing characters. Weekly classes run at our Charlestown Studio. More

Art Club Classes

Age Range: Yr 2-4 | Yr 3-6 | Yr 5-8 

The Art Club program is designed to inspire students with a wide variety of artforms and develop their skills in drawing, painting and sculpture.  Weekly classes run at our Charlestown studio. More

Art Buzz Classes

Age Range: Kindy – yr 2

Does your child love to draw, paint and create?  The Art Buzz program meets them right at that inquisitive creative stage of life and takes them further in developing real art skills in drawing, painting and sculpting. More



10 – 14 Yrs & 13-16 Yrs

Term 4:

Animé 10-14 Yrs: Create a unique anime story through illustration, from the characters, backgrounds, fonts to the costumes and accessories! Our younger anime students will learn all the drawing techniques to make their story come to life!  Class Times

Animé 13-16 Yrs: Term 4 is all about Heroes and Villains! Students will draw off archetypal anime stories to create their own hero and villain as well as a sidekick for both and the world that it’s set in. Through a thorough guidance of anime techniques an exploration of watercolour pencils, pen, comic markers and graphite, kids will create 4 final individualised projects!   Class Times


8-12 Yrs & 10-14 Yrs

Term 4:

Portraiture & Still Life -This term classes will focus on pushing creative ideas, forming an experimental relationship with drawing and developing their ability in mark making, shading, texture, perspective and observational skills.
Projects will include a combination of animal portraits, self-portraits and still-life artworks. Kids will be guided step-by-step in drawing technique, as well as given opportunities to express their creative freedom and push their imagination. Class Times

Art Club

7-10 Yrs & 10-14 Yrs

Term 4:

Focus Illustrator: Maurice Sendak –  Maurice Sendak is the talented American illustrator most famous for his book, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. His drawing techniques are unique for their prominent use of line, rich colour and moody subject matter. In this module, students will practice Sendaks drawing techniques as they design their own hybrid creature, paint a moody forrest canvas and create a mixed media creature mask. 

Focus Illustrator: Jen Stark –  Jen Stark is an American artist known for her use of mesmerising colour and paper sculptures. Students will adopt her techniques whilst creating their own paper cut sculpture, mixed media drawing and acrylic pour painting. Class Times


Art Buzz

5-7 Yrs

Term 4:

Illustrator Focus: Anna Bond –  Inspired by the city maps of illustrator Anna Bond, Art Buzz students will create their own map of ‘Candyland’. Kids will then sculpt the cupcake headquarters and develop postcard designs to send to family and friends. Using watercolour, paint pens, sharpies and clay, students will have the opportunity to experiment with a range of materials and techniques to produce this exciting set!

Beatrix Potter –  Students will then progress to a program exploring the magic of Beatrix Potter, including illustrations of Peter Rabbit, sculptures of Mr.McGregors Garden and a watercolour pond painting. Class Times


Learning Options


Join a weekly class in our Charlestown studio to develop your art skills and meet other young artists.


Join a holiday workshop to be part of exciting themed art classes. Follow us on social media for upcoming workshops.




$25 - 1 class per week*

Creative Kids Vouchers accepted. Fees listed are per student. 

*A one-off art resource pack purchase of $35 is required for all new enrolments. This reduces the risk of sharing equipment.

Includes Unlimited makeup classes: simply notify your absence and book a makeup using the client portal.

Billing: Fees are billed monthly on the 1st of each month for the number of scheduled classes in that month. Cancellations must be submitted BEFORE the 1st of the month. Late cancellations are processed the following month.

COVID-19 Plan

  • Art students bring their own art supplies to class each week (supplied upon enrolment)
  • All shared-touch surfaces are disinfected regularly and between every class. Students must sanitise their hands upon entry and exit. 
  • One student per desk ensures adequate social distancing.
  • Parents are requested to wait outside or off-site to reduce person to person contact in our foyer.

Should the Hive be required to close at any time due to COVID 19 in our community, the following plan will be implemented:

All art classes will continue using our live and/or pre-recorded online learning format. In addition to the art resource kit each student already owns, Hive will provide all materials students need to continue their art projects. 

Should you wish to cancel your classes until we reopen - simply follow the usual cancellation process. You can continue online until the end of the month.


Art Resource Kit: All students are issued with an art resource kit & art folio upon enrolment ($29). Bring your kit and Folio to class weekly. 


There are two ways to trial Hive Classes:

1. Secure your spot now - enrol in the class of your choice.  Your enrolment includes a two week trial period. After your second class, if you don’t wish to continue, cancel your enrolment to receive a refund for remaining classes.

2. Book a 2 week trial here. Trial bookings do not hold a spot in the class.

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Our 2 Week Trial Pass is the perfect way to find the right class fit for your child at Hive.

Attend 2 of any classes within 2 weeks for just $35. 

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Hive Member Enrolments:

If for any reason you wish to cancel your enrolment within your first month of classes, we will refund your remaining tuition fees and cancel your enrolment.

Please note:

1st month period applies for 30 days starting on the date of your first class

Satisfaction guarantee applies to:

  • Members who are NEW to Hive
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