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In Musical Theatre, the three great performing arts of singing, dancing and acting combine to create one vibrant performance experience.  

In each class, students learn to sing and refine their singing technique; learn dance movements and choregraphed sequence for each song; act out scenes, try out characters and learn their part in the class performance.

Our Year Program:

Term 1:

The history and styles of musicals from last century. Every musical not only has a story to tell, but a role to play in the evolution of theatre.

Term 2:

The term of the triple threat. Dancing, acting, singing. How they come together and the techniques we need in each. Performance end of term 2: A showcase of musical numbers from last century. Each class will perform their own songs & scripts.

Term 3:

The creation of a show. From auditions to accolades, scripts to scores, tableaux to time-steps, and everything in between.

Term 4 theme:

Curtain up! It’s time to perform! But first we learn how a theatre works and all we need to know on and off the stage.

Our Class Age Groups:

Kindy to Year 2:

What is musical theatre? At this age it is an introduction into the three main elements that make up musical theatre. Dancing, acting, singing. Students will learn the fundamental skills of each and how to apply them all at once in a fun and energetic class.

Year 3 – 4:

A time to build confidence and explore working as an ensemble with a combination of creative play in groups and as individuals. Development in skills will also allow for confidence to build as we learn fundamental dance, acting and vocal techniques.

Year 5 – 6:

Creativity within the lines of a script or score is all about character building. While learning technique and application, we explore the dynamics available to make character choices and at the same time the importance of working alongside a director both as an individual and as an ensemble. 

Year 7 – 8:

Musicals are a complex beauty, with multi-part songs, an array of dance styles (often within the one show) and a range of characters. Exploring all they have to offer is how we can learn and put into practice the skills needed, while developing our own performance style.  The practice of learning scripts, lyrics and choreography all come into play when developing a musical.  

Year 9 – 12 – Senior Musical Theatre 

The practice of performance is what extends our skill levels and develops us as a musical theatre performer. Students will learn what is expected within the musical theatre industry including audition techniques, reading music, dance call basics and theatre etiquette. This is a time to develop, grow, and hone in on skills.

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Art Buzz:  5 – 12 yrs

Bring this wonderful Australian story to life in your own paintings. Learn to draw possums, koalas and Australian native fauna. Sculpt a cute wombat 

Home Art Pack: 
Purchase a pack at checkout for $65 (includes postage) or supply your own materials from the list below. 

1 set watercolour paints
Set of artist paint brushes
1 set 24 watercolour pencils
1 pack Air dry clay suitable for sculpture
8 pieces watercolour paper
1 fine liner


Provide at home:
Lead pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, 2 small water containers (for watercolour painting), A4 art diary or sheets of blank paper

Art Club 8 – 15 yrs

We’ll start off the term with some vibrant pop art styles:
  • Learn how to draw a hand & create a pop art Hero poster
  • Turn something ordinary into a vibrant pop art drawing as you learn to draw a still life object.
  • Get outside on a nature walk – and learn to draw what you can see
  • Learn to draw some Aussie animals

Art materials:
Purchase a pack for $65 at checkout or supply your own from this list:

Pack includes:

  • 8 Sheets A4 Watercolour paper 200 or 300 gsm
  • 1 set 24 watercolour pencils
  • Black fine liner (Staedler brand)
  • Pan Watercolour paints 18 colours
  • 1 pack Air dry clay suitable for sculpture
  • Watercolour paint brushes
Provide at home:
Eraser, pencil sharpener, dish of water, A4 art diary (choose one with heavy paper)


Art Class Fees: 

Creative Kids Vouchers accepted

All programs delivered in LIVE online format weekly PLUS video tutorials for all lessons.

  • One Child: $20 per week
  • Two Children: $35 per week
  • Art resource pack $65 per term (Optional: add this from the store at checkout)

Fees are pro-rated at checkout when you enrol after the start of term.

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