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      Art School

      Hive Creative Studios is a hub of activity for young artists and all who love creating.  The Hive Art School is run by a vibrant team of professional practicing artists and designers and provides a supportive and exciting environment for students to explore all forms of art, be inspired by the great artists and to develop their own style of artistry in our Fine Art programs or hone their skill in a specific area such as drawing or painting.

      8-15 Yrs


      A program specifically designed to develop drawing techniques and skill. Students will learn to draw using techniques such as perspective, light, shading, texture and shapes.  Weekly classes run at our Charlestown Studio.

      While Drawing does cater to a wide age range, the timetable offers availability in classes divided into:
      Drawing Jr (Level 1): 8-12 year olds
      Drawing Snr (Level 2): 10-15 year olds.

      Duration: 1 Hr

      10-15 Yrs

      Sculpture Club

      A program specifically designed to develop sculpting techniques and skill. Students will be creating multiple 3d sculptures per term, using a range of mediums such as earthenware clay (air dry) plaster casting, wire, polymer clay and more. Our teachers will provided guided lessons, teaching techniques like hatching, layering, embossing, scale and proportion and design creation.

      Duration: 1.5 Hr

      10-16 Yrs


      An illustrators program specifically designed for students who enjoy animé, manga and cartoon drawing styles.  The program teaches students drawing techniques within these styles and has a focus on creating and developing characters. Weekly classes run at our Charlestown Studio.

      While Anime does cater to a wide age range, the timetable offers availability in classes divided into 10-13 year olds and 14-15 year olds.

      Duration 1 Hr

      8-14 Yrs

      Art Club

      Refine Skills and Express Yourself! Art Club is the perfect fit for students starting to gain more confidence in their abilities and individual self expression, expanding emotional intelligence through creativity. We further refine skills in colour mixing, building greater depth in artworks through multiple layers and students remained focused on a single project over multiple weeks to push their skills. Students will produce new projects every 3-4 weeks focusing on drawing, painting and sculpture.

      While Art Club does cater to a wide age range, the timetable offers availability in classes divided into:
      Art Club Jr (8-12 year olds)
      Art Club Snr (11-15 year olds).

      Art Club Jr: 1 Hr
      Art Club Snr: 1.5 Hrs

      5-7 Yrs

      Art Buzz

      The Art Buzz program meets them right at that inquisitive creative stage of life and takes them further in developing real art skills in drawing, painting and sculpting.

      Each term the program focuses on a number of different artist and learning their techniques. This expands students creative intelligence and ideas about ‘what art is’. It also gives them the opportunity to use and experiment with a variety of mediums.
      Each class also has a drawing focus to ensure a development of the basic elements and principles of art.
      Duration: 1 Hr
      “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. ”
      Maya Angelou

      Current Projects

      DRAWING (8-10 Yrs & 10-15 YRS)

      Term 1, 2022

      PROJECT 1: Exquisite Corpse – Sketching skills, character design, imaginative drawing and fine liner techniques. 
      PROJECT 2: Negative Space Drawing – Use of positive and negative space, use of pattern and texture to create interest.
      PROJECT 3: Anatomy – Basic anatomy sketching using wooden models. Looking at poses and how the body moves, sketching realistic poses for characters.
      PROJECT 4: B/W and Colour Animal  – Composition, sketching skills, fine liner skills, ways to include detail. 
      PROJECT 5: Tinted Still Life – Working on tinted paper – creating highlights and shadows, still life techniques.
      PROJECT 6: Portraiture – Charcoal skills including shading and blending, portraiture techniques, drawing the anatomy of the face.


      Term 1, 2022

      PROJECT 1: The Hedgehog – Layering and techniques to create texture .
      PROJECT 2: Log Cabin – 3D coiling and construction of clay elements.
      PROJECT 3: Deer Tile – Detailed relief style sculpture.
      PROJECT 4: Wizard  – Polymer clay techniques and working in finer detail.
      PROJECT 5: Clay Castle – Large scale modelling and structural design.
      PROJECT 6: Dragon – Detailed polymer clay design and layering.


      Term 1, 2022

      THEME: Avatar the last Airbender
      PROJECT 1: 
      Pencil Drawing of Aang. Focusing on proportion and composition.
      PROJECT 2Sculpture of Uppa. Focus on 3D modelling.
      PROJECT 3: Acrylic Landscape. Focusing on acrylic painting techniques.
      PROJECT 4: Fine Liner Challenge of Element Signs. Focus on using fine liner to create detail.
      PROJECT 5: Copic Marker Drawing of Katara. Focusing on proportion.
      PROJECT 6: Students Choice! Character Drawing. Students create a character to that fits into the work of Avatar the last Airbender.

      ART CLUB (8-12 Yrs & 11-15 Yrs)

      Term 1, 2022

      PROJECT 1: Aerial Acrylic Landscape (Newcastle Bogey Hole) – Ariel landscape perspective, basic sketching skills and building layers of detail in acrylic.
      PROJECT 2: Abstract Botanicals – Abstract shape, loose drawing, use of colour, experimenting with ink.
      PROJECT 3: Dragon Sculpture – focusing on paper clay sculpting techniques.
      PROJECT 4: Wave Drawing – Composition skills, fine liner and copic marker techniques, introduction to graphic stylised style.
      PROJECT 5: Whale Drawing – Composition skills, fine liner and copic marker techniques, introduction to graphic stylised style.


      ART BUZZ

      Term 1, 2022

      PROJECT 1: Mixed Media Toucan – watercolour techniques.
      PROJECT 2: Sculpey Gecko –  focus on simple sculpture techniques.
      PROJECT 3 : Acrylic Sloth Painting – Drawing skills, acrylic painting techniques with brush and sponge. 
      PROJECT 4: Bird Character Drawings – Drawing skills, character design, imaginative drawing.
      PROJECT 5: Paper Clay House (‘Up’ inspired) – Sculpture skills including design and creating texture. 
      PROJECT 6: City Scape Drawing – Landscape design, drawing skills, use of colour and mixed media techniques. 


      Enrolment Information

      In-Studio Art Fees 2021

      Full term enrolment: 

      1 Hour Art Classes: $27/Class ($270/10 week term)
      1.5 Hour Art Classes: $32/Class ($320/10 week term)

      Partial term enrolment: 

      1 Hour Art Classes: $30/Class (for students enroling after the term has commenced)
      1.5 Hour Art Classes: $35/Class (for students enroling after the term has commenced)

      Payment Options:

      • Opt 1: A monthly playment plan (3 equal installments)
      • Opt 2: Upfront fee payment

      Enrolment Information:

      • Enrolments Auto-renew every term. For upfront term payments, your enrolment will auto-enrol in week 8 of the term for the following term and your card will be debited in week 9 for the next terms fees.  Prior to this occuring you will receive 2 text and email alerts.
      • No cancellations during the term. All cancellations must be submitted in week 9 for the following term. You will be notified via email, text message and the School Stream App as this date approaches
      • Your spot is always held for you
      • Unlimited makeups
      • 10% off holiday workshops


      Art Packs: New students must purchase an art resource pack to bring to class each week. These can be purchased at checkout.
      $50/bag/new enrolment (Lasts several terms)


      Covid 19 Plan

      Should the Hive be required to close at any time due to COVID 19 in our community, the following plan will be implemented:

      All classes will continue using our live online learning format. Students will have access to unlimited online classes in both drama and musical theatre for the same weekly price. 

      Should you wish to cancel your classes until we reopen – simply follow the usual cancellation process. You can continue online until the end of the month.

      Hive Art Teachers

      Shannon Bellamy

      Ovania McClelland

      Lee Seaman

      Raechelle Weston

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