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Welcome to The Hive Art School!

A vibrant community of qualified and experienced practicing artists who are passionate about inspiring children and teens to connect with their inner creativity whilst developing skill and talent in drawing, painting & sculpture.  Our creative art classes for children & teens in Newcastle region are located in Charlestown and offer a variety of age groups and art styles.

Learn From Industry Professionals! 


Grace is a passionate writer, artist and graduate of a Bachelor of Natural History Illustration from the University of Newcastle. Grace specialises in both digital and traditional drawing methods and has a profound love for watercolour. She also works with acrylic, polymer clay and fine liner. She has been recognised by the National Art School in Sydney where she was accepted into their Intensive Studio Program specialising in Life Drawing and has participated in multiple exhibitions. 

Grace has extensive experience working with children and has taught at both primary and high school levels. She is incredibly passionate about encouraging kids to discover their creativity and develop their artistic skills.


Hannah is a contemporary abstract artist who has been painting for over ten years. She obtained a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Newcastle where she graduated with a double major in painting and photography. 

Since graduating Hannah has dedicated her time to her art making practice where she has been a part of numerous solo and group exhibitions. Hannah has also worked as a freelance photographer, conducted art lessons for primary and pre-school aged children and worked in the Interior Design Industry. 

Predominantly working with oil on canvas, Hannah paints intuitively by drawing on memory of the natural world to create abstract landscapes. She is inspired by the emotive quality of colour and the environment. 


Melody is a professional artist and muralist with a passion for teaching and encouraging the next generation. After graduating with distinction from Newcastle University with a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design, Melody joined an art studio where she runs her business selling paintings and creating murals. She teaches backed by a wealth of industry experience in both teaching and art making.

Specialising in painting and lino printing, Melody has been involved in many group and solo exhibitions and currently has her work for sale all over Australia. Her murals can be spotted across Newcastle inside local businesses and in public spaces.


Lee is an Artist and Designer with a Diploma in Graphic Design.

She finds inspiration for her art/design from all facets of life but mostly from the sheer beauty of kids and my fondness for all things that are colourful, fresh and fun. I am beyond passionate in helping the next generation of little humans find their creative spark by providing them the tools to create projects that push their capabilities so they are continually growing and developing.

Lee loves to create art and design that’s accessible for children and brings joy to the art-making process.

Our Programs 

8-15 Yrs


An art illustrators class specifically designed for children and teens who are interested in learning to draw in both modern and traditional illustration styles, including Fantasy and Cartoon. The program teaches students drawing and painting techniques whilst also developing basic and fundamental skills that can be applied to all areas of art. Developing and designing a Character is included in our projects, giving students creative freedom to use their imaginations whilst being guided through drawing techniques. Our art classes for children & teens are located at our studio in Charlestown, Newcastle.

The timetable offers availability in illustration classes divided into:
Illustration Jr (8-12 year olds)
Illustration Snr (11-15 year olds)

Projects vary for the two age groups, and art projects for each specific term can be viewed below. Our art classes for children & teens are located at our studio in Charlestown, Newcastle.

Duration 1 Hr

8-15 Yrs

Art Club

Refine Skills and Express Yourself! Art Club Classes are the perfect fit for children and teens who are keen to gain more confidence in their abilities and individual self expression, expanding emotional intelligence through creativity. Our program focuses on refining art skills in drawing, sculpture, composition, colour mixing, acrylic painting and more, building greater depth in artworks through multiple layers. Students remain focused on a single project over multiple weeks to extend their skills.

While Art Club does cater to a wide age range of children and teens, the timetable offers availability in art classes divided into:
Art Club Jr (8-12 year olds)
Art Club Snr (11-15 year olds)

Projects vary for the two age groups, and art projects for each specific term can be viewed below. Our art classes for children & teens are located at our studio in Charlestown, Newcastle.

Art Club Jr: 1 Hr
Art Club Snr: 1.5 Hrs

5-7 Yrs

Art Buzz

The Art Buzz Class meets children right at that inquisitive creative stage of life and takes them further in developing real art skills in drawing, painting and sculpting.

Each term the program focuses on a number of different artist and learning their techniques. This expands students creative intelligence and ideas about ‘what art is’. It also gives them the opportunity to use and experiment with a variety of mediums.
Each class also has a drawing focus to ensure a development of the basic elements and principles of art.  Art projects typically run over 2 weeks per project, enabling children to gain a wide variety of art experience each term. 
Duration: 1 Hr
“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. ”
Maya Angelou

Current Projects


Term 4, 2023

Project 1: Character Design
Students will design a character and their pet.
Project 2: Apartment Illustration
This project encourages students to be as imaginative as they like in this apartment illustration featuring windows exposing those who live within. Watercolour pencil and fine liner illustration skills will be developed.
Project 3: Shoes
Students will paint a pair of shoes with watercolour. This artwork will further develop students watercolour painting skills.
Project 4: Funky Glasses
Students will paint different styles of glasses. This artwork will further develop students watercolour painting skills.
Project 5: Design Your Own Miniature House
Oh no! You have been shrunk to the size of an ant! Students creativity will be engaged when they are given the above prompt and must think outside the box and come up with a miniature house that an ant sized human could live in.


Term 4, 2023

Project 1: Mystical Owl
This watercolour painting will test students sketching and fine liner abilities whilst also developing their understanding of composition and depth of field.
Project 2: Shoes
This project aims to further develop students watercolour painting abilities by utilising a range of watercolour techniques.
Project 3: Shells on Wood
This large scale drawing on wood gives students the opportunity to complete an illustration on an unconventional drawing surface. Students will learn colour pencil shading techniques and choose their own colour scheme for this artwork.
Project 4: Enchanted Garden
Both composition, fine liner and watercolour techniques are utilised in this final artwork. Students will get to design their own ‘enchanted garden’ and will use the skills they have learnt throughout the term to complete it.


Term 4, 2023

Project 1: Whale and Dolphin Watercolour
Students will create two mixed media watercolour artworks and will utilise a number of watercolour techniques. Students will learn about composition and create their own ‘under water world’ silhouettes using ink pen.

Project 2: Sculpture on Tile
This project encourages students to see sculpture from a different perspective. Students will create a koi fish pond pressed onto a ceramic tile.
Project 3: Acrylic Landscape

Students will be introduced to the concept of abstract art in this landscape acrylic painting on canvas.
Senior students will be given a more in depth introduction to the concept and will complete two more sophisticated acrylic landscapes

Project 4: Christmas Ornament
To celebrate Christmas we will be making polymer clay Christmas ornaments.


Term 4, 2023

Project 1: Watercolour Caravan
This project exposes students to the concept of depth and spatial relationships in a cute and fun caravan painting!

Project 2: Mixed Media Fish
Students will create a 3D fish painting using polymer clay on a painted wooden circle
Project 3: Dog Portrait
This project is all about developing an understanding of the basic principles of portrait drawing. Students will get to draw their very own “French” French Bulldog!
Project 4: Dog Sculpture
Students will get the opportunity to bring their artwork to life by turning it into a sculpture made from polymer clay.
Project 5: Christmas Ornament
To celebrate Christmas we will be making polymer clay Christmas ornaments.

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