This project kept our kids amused for hours! First designing the town buildings and offering them an invitation to play with their very own creation.

First, just gather any bits of craft objects you can get your hands on. We used paint, oil pastels, glue, material pieces, pom poms, glitter shapes, glitter glue, cardboard pieces, straws, sequins and buttons. There are no limitations.

Next you can use either recycled cardboard or purchase some board from your local Officeworks. Cut them into basic building shapes of different heights. We painted the bases different colours and also loved creating windows with plain white paper so that the kids can get creative, thinking about what might be in these buildings.

Secure your windows and doors onto the bases and you are ready to decorate!

Ask your child to think about what all the buildings will be. We decided on a school, hospital, vet, candy factory and a house. Then think about what might be seen on the inside of those buildings and get drawing and gluing!

Once your creations are dry, have fun playing!!!

You can also add extra accessories to expand your town! We added a road and some cars.