Enter the sensational solar system! Engage your child in imaginary play with this easy sensory rice tray.

This is what you will need:
• A tray with raised edges to contain the content
• Plain rice (amount will depend on the size of the tray you have available)
• Black food dye
• Large ziplock pouch
• Gold or silver glitter paper sheet
• A star hole punch OR simply cut by hand
• Foil
• Space characters/rocket etc. The space men in the image are available from BIG W.


Place the amount of rice you would like to us into the ziplock bag and add the black food dye. Leave it to dry out for about 10 mins.

STEP 2: While the dyed rice is drying out, cut out the glitter stars.


Scrunch out ‘asteroid’ balls from the foil.


Assemble the rice, stars, asteroids and characters into the tray and let your little one explore!

Match with one of Hive’s favourite books, ‘Zoom to the Moon‘. Available from Dymocks Book Stores.