COVID safe policy:

Physical distancing measures taken

  • No waiting inside the building: arrive on time or wait outside.
  • Kindermusik classes: 1 adult only in building per child
  • Bee-School: Drop off / Pickup from courtyard, Arrive exactly on time, do not wait in courtyard. Adults may not enter the classrooms.
  • All classes have a break between to allow for students to exit and enter without overlap.
  • Floor Dots placed 1.5m apart – please sit on a dot.
  • Enter and exit your classroom from its own external door. Don’t walk through classrooms.
  • The foyer play area has been removed and clients are asked to wait off site or outside.
  • The outdoor play area will continue to be available, please use the disinfectant wipes provided to wipe play equipment down before your child uses it. Please BYO picnic rugs if meeting up with friends outside.
  • Small Class sizes: ALL STUDENTS must be on the roll, this includes babies as younger siblings. Students will only be accepted into a class if their name is on the roll. This is imperative for meeting the max number per class as well as for tracking of COVID 19.
  • Room capacities have been calculated. Please keep in mind, these totals include babies and children:
    • Hive 1: 15
    • Foyer: 9
    • Hive 2: 19
    • Art Space: 12
    • Hive 4: 8

Hygiene policy & changes to classes

  • Hive cleaning: a daily and hourly COVID cleaning & disinfecting routine has been implemented.
  • Clients entering class must use hand sanitizer at entry. Use hand sanitizer as you leave class.

Kindermusik Classes:

  • BYO soft packs include: 4 scarves, 4 wrist ribbons in a Hive backpack. This will be added to your enrolment fee when you enrol ($29). Bring it to class every week.
  • Baby classes: BYO rug.
  • All equipment used during your class is SINGLE use. This means that equipment is quarantined until disinfected.  Viraclean is the disinfectant being used on our equipment: it is proven to remove the COVID 19 virus and is safe for use on equipment used by babies and children.

Art Classes:

  • Art students to BYO own resource pack to minimize sharing of equipment (purchased from Hive)

Drama & Musical Theatre Classes:

  • No equipment is being used.

Piano Lessons:

  • Piano keys are wiped over between students

Health policy

  • Teachers will be turning away any clients entering who are visibly unwell
  • Staff & clients who are displaying ANY of the following symptoms: fever, cough, sore or scratchy throat, shortness of breath: are NOT to attend Hive. Staff must have a COVID 19 test and may not return to the workplace until a negative test result is returned.

Makeup Classes policy

While class sizes are restricted we are not able to offer any makeups or trial classes however you can do any makeups in the coming months as class sizes are allowed to increase.

Teacher illness: If your teacher is unable to attend Hive due to having symptoms, Hive will either: 1. Provide a substitute teacher or 2. Your teacher will teach the class online.

COVID 19 shut down and reopen plan

In the event that a case of COVID 19 occurs in our Hive community the following plan will be carried out:

  • Staff and clients who were in attendance on that students day are notified. This includes:
    • Their own class
    • The class next door to them (in case of shared bathroom use)
    • All staff
  • Staff who were in contact with the infected person must have a COVID19 test and may not return to teaching until a negative test result is returned. Clients who were in contact with this infected person will be advised to follow this procedure.
  • The entire Hive building will be closed for 48 hours to allow for deep cleaning.
  • All classes to run online during the 48 hour period.
  • A substitute teacher to replace any teacher in quarantine is Hive’s plan A. If this is unable to be achieved, teaching online classes is Hive’s plan B.