4th May 2020

Our Hive Team are currently preparing for when we are able to re-open. We are closely following Government directives for businesses that are classed as “non essential services”.

We understand there is some confusion around due to schools being reopened. Although we offer educational instruction at Hive, we are NOT classed as an educational institution. The term “Educational institution” only applies to schools, universities and child care centres.

At this stage the Government advice is:

You must stay at home, unless you are going to:

  • work (where you can’t work remotely)
  • school or an educational institution
  • shop for food or other goods and services
  • medical reason or caring for others
  • exercise.

We look forward to being able to open again soon, and will continue to update our blog as information comes available.

Thank you for your support of our online learning options in the meantime!

Love Hive