Let’s face it, the majority of adults dread Mondays, so why would it be different for kids? Starting a new school routine isn’t easy and teaching kids to understand that the week’s duties and activities start on Mondays can be pretty challenging. So, here are some suggestions to help your child get used to Monday schedules from an early age:

1- Incorporate Learning Into Weekend Activities

By incorporating things learned in the classroom to your child’s weekend playtime, you can teach your child to understand the importance of what they’re learning and get them excited about the week and upcoming classes. There are tons of creative ways to incorporate things that your little ones learn during the week to their weekend playtime.

One easy way for families who attend 0-5 yr old music classes or piano classes (5 yrs +) at Hive is to login to your Home Learning centre on the weekend and enjoy the fun home learning activities together, or simple sing, dance or play along to your child’s favourite songs.

2- Do It the Night Before

Preparation is key! Plan your week on Sunday and get your child involved in packing their backpack, preparing their Monday clothes, thinking about what will need to be done in the morning, and set the alarm clock. Set aside the same slot of time each Sunday, either right before bed or maybe before reading time, to do the morning prep work so your Monday morning is a breeze!



3- Don’t Wait Until Your Child Is At School Age

Good habits are learned!  By enroling your child in classes from birth or as early as possible, you start to train them (and yourself!) for a regular school week before they actually have to start dealing with them. Monday music classes are a great way to get kids used to weekly activities that are both educational and playful.


At Hive, we offer a plethora of music classes for kids from ages 0 to 14 years old, from Monday to Friday. Our Baby BeesTiny Bees and Bouncing Bees Programs are ideal to kickstart your child on Monday schedules before they start school. And don’t worry about Public Holidays! At Hive, we only charge class fees for days that we are actually open on.


We’ll help you bring out the very best in your child – You will be amazed at your child’s fascination with music and capacity to learn in this delightfully engaging and flexible environment. Best of all, you’re right there with your child, interacting with one another, learning together, supporting a musical head start, and making the most of this precious time in the life of your child.