Art classes are an amazing way for kids to exercise fine motor skills and learn to explore their creativity. However, not all art classes are created equal and knowing how to pick one that will be beneficial to your kid is fundamental.

For one, art classes shouldn’t be about the final product, but about the process instead. Your child shouldn’t be concerned about creating perfect drawings and paintings, but exploring colors, textures and the sensory and emotional experience that comes with it. We’re believers that children should be able to express themselves even if that means that they’re going to make messy drawings or sculptures.

While there are a plethora of cookie cutter classes out there that will pre make and retouch a child’s drawing to make it look “nicer,” we think that you kids should be able to express themselves in any way that lets their creativity flow because that’s what learning is about. We also think that when taught proper art skills, kids naturally develop the ability to create beautiful art pieces that will make you and themselves proud. It’s not something that happens overnight.

At Hive, we offer Bee Artistic art classes to three different age groups, based on their needs and development levels. Both our 3-5 years and 5 -10 years students enjoy a vast range of artistic mediums and art forms, all whilst learning about the greatest artists in history.

The Bee Artistic (3-10) program is designed to run in 2 week project blocks. In each project, children will learn about the inspiring artist for that project and create an artwork in that style.  Our projects explore a wide range of art forms, including clay and wire sculpture, paint and texture, drawing and charcoal, layering and collage and more.

In our 5-10 yr old classes we group children at tables by age so they can enjoy the company of similar age children while they create their artworks.

Students in our 10-16 Bee Artistic Program are given time and guidance to refine their fine-art skills in drawing, shading, painting and sculpture.  In each class, students build up their skills ready to create a larger project.  We work from easels and use high quality art materials to help them achieve satisfying results.

In all of our classes, the work the children take home is 100% done themselves and we spend a few weeks preparing them with the art skills they need to produce it.

If you’d like more information on our Bee Artistic program or if you like to schedule a visit, contact us today!