How much is too much? Is a question we always hear when it comes to childhood activities. Parents are often concerned about enroling their young children in immersive childhood art programs due to fear of overloading the kids schedule with lessons and classes.

While that is a legitimate concern, and you should always make sure to provide your kid with a balanced schedule that allows for both education and free time, investing in an immersive childhood art programs is going to enable your child to learn more than just art or music. In a previous article we also explained some of the cognitive benefits of artistic learning for kids, and how music, language, drama and art classes can help your child’s neural development.

Your child’s free time should always be a priority. Make sure they’re getting as much of it as possible. However, during preschool years, your little bee’s brain is going through rapid and intense changes, which makes it the ideal time for them to be stimulated through immersive art programs. Those programs often offer a variety of classes that can include music, arts and language, just to name a few, taught in a playful and nurturing environment, where kids are able to grow in skill and confidence.

The benefits of immersive childhood art programs go way beyond the early years. A study on the longitudinal effects of art programs during childhood and high school years has presented a series of correlations between early exposure to art classes to high academic achievements and civic engagement. One of the findings showed that “eighth graders who had high levels of arts engagement from kindergarten through elementary school showed higher test scores in science and writing than did students who had lower levels of arts engagement over the same period.”

The study also showed that students who had high levels of arts engagement were more likely to aspire to college and a had a higher chance of being interested in current affairs, engaging in activities such as volunteering, voting and other civic activities. This reinforces the positive long lasting effects of artistic learning during early childhood found by many other similar researches.

Our Bee School is an immersive program that offers three options of sessions varyingfrom 3.5 hrs to 5 hrs and includes classes such as Spanish, Music, Art and Drama classes as well as a lunch break, so your little bee can get the best education in a super easy format that won’t compromise your schedule. Our Bee-School programs were created to cater to the needs of kids from 3 to 6 years old. They are developed specifically for your child’s age group and development and we use a play-based and movement-based approach to learning.


Our programs are open year round. Make sure to enrol your little bee in our Bee School or in one of our music and/or art programs.