Have you ever wondered how you can bond with your children during the first years of their lives? Family music classes are the answer.
Bonding is Essential During Early Childhood
Family classes are the best way for parents and children to spend quality time together while learning a new skill. You’ll be able to watch your child twirl, dance, wiggle and jump their way to deeper musical understanding, while also interacting and being a part of their learning process. Through that you and your child will build a stronger connection that is especially essential during childhood.
According to Kids’ Health, Studies have shown that newborn monkeys were better socialized when they lived with live mothers rather than mannequins. The studies also showed that “[t]he baby monkeys with mannequin mothers also were more likely to suffer from despair. Scientists suspect that lack of bonding in human babies can cause similar problems.”
Bonding Isn’t Always Easy at First
Bonding doesn’t happen the same way and during the same time frame for all parents and babies.  Another great point brought up by Kids’ Health is that “most infants are ready to bond immediately. Parents, on the other hand, may have a mixture of feelings about it. Some parents feel an intense attachment within the first minutes or days after their baby’s birth. For others, it may take a bit longer.”
Family classes can be a great way for parents to find a support system of people who are going/ have gone through pretty similar challenges, no matter how easy or difficult parenthood is going for you. During those classes, you and your kids will learn, make friends and exchange valuable experiences with a group of like-minded people.
How You Can Make Your Kids Bond With Each Other
Bonding between young siblings can be especially challenging due to the fact that jealousy during the first 4-7 years of age is only natural. Being the new big brother/sister isn’t a job that is always welcomed by the little ones. A great way to fix that is by planning activities that involve your whole family, so no one feels left out.
Another benefit of family classes for parents of multiple small children is that they’re designed to accommodate you and all of your little ones, which makes it easier for you to be a part of an activity with all of your kids at the same time.
Our Family-Bees (1 – 4 yrs) program appeals to children of all ages, with activities designed to appeal to each age group, providing stimulating learning for our older children alongside hands-on musical play for our Tiny bees! Our class is part of Kindermusik, a program widely promoted by teachers and pediatricians worldwide, with benefits like increased cognitive function, increased vocabulary, early math and pre-reading skills.

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