Whether your little bee has been exposed to music since birth or it’s their first time experiencing contact with music, there are some ways and instruments out there that can make the learning process a lot easier and more fun. Today we are going to show you three fun ways your kid can learn music.


Singing is a great way to get kids to understand music and have fun, but it also helps them become smarter. New studies have shown that “after nine months of weekly training in voice, students’ IQs rose nearly three points more than their untrained peers.”

Through games like pitch-matching games and learning solfege, kids will effective learn how to sing in tune and understand the importance of pitch. It’s their initiation in the scale reading, which will be helpful later in life once they move on to more structured music lessons.


Ukelele is part of the lute family that developed in the Hawaiian Islands during the late 19th century. Since the instrument as four strings, instead of six, and many of the chords only require one or two fingers to play, it’s easier for children to play with them. For kids from four to seven years old, the Ukelele is a great starting instrument, because it helps children develop eye-hand coordination as well as independent movement of fingers.

Two great benefits of the Ukelele is that they are relatively inexpensive and are small, which is helpful in terms of learning and transportation. Your little one won’t have to struggle to carry it around. Ukuleles also teach kids about music and music theory. Through Ukelele lessons, a child learns about beat, harmony, melody, rhythm, and tempo. Ukeleles are also a very good base instrument for kids who want to eventually learn to play the guitar.


Xylophones are a great way to give children meaningful exposure to individual notes. They tend to be made from wood, and each bar is a different length to create a different sound. The resonator bells have a clear pitch and a long sustain, which is helpful for learning and identifying pitch. Shorter lengths have a higher pitch and longer lengths have a lower pitch.

They’re an amazing way for kids to understand rhythm and are also one of the best instruments  in sensory play. Another benefit of Xylophones is that they’re great in preparing your child to play the piano.

Music lessons can give your child a place to become who they are, build confidence, and improve social skills, but also challenge and utilize certain areas of their brains that allow for more intelligence and imagination.

At Hive we believe that talent is grown, not born.  That’s why we have developed our Musical Bee program – to nurture and grow your child’s inner musical talent and lead them on step-by-step journey of developing musical skill. We offer music classes that are tailored to your kid’s age group and that will guide them into exploring the fascinating the world of music and their natural abilities to play and sing.

In our progressive Musical Bee Program for 3 – 8 year olds, your kid will learn to play songs on ukulele, piano and xylophone, read music and finely tune their singing voice. Enrol them for our Term 1.