Your little ones have reached an age in which they can walk, talk and do certain things by themselves, however their tiny brains are still going through a rapid and constant process of development. These are the preschool years and they are the right time to immerse your kid in an artistic learning environment.

For one, throughout this period of time, children learn to use symbolic thought, the distinctive features of which are language and symbol use, along with more advanced pretend play. This is the best moment to introduce your kid to a second language, since during this time their brain are developmentally ready to accept and learn a foreign language, and fluency comes fairly easily, rapidly, and without accent. Research has shown that kids who learn a second language before the age of 6 have higher academic skills, better flexibility of mind and are more creative.

In our previous article, we stated the importance of music in early childhood. During the ages of 3 to 6 years old, kids have a the capacity of learning more structured music lessons, which help them develop a part of the brain that is used for mathematics and spatial intelligence, among other things. The brain is heavily stimulated by music lessons since they require a series of simultaneous tasks such as memorizing, expressing emotion, learning about musical interval and chords.

Art and Drama classes are also extremely important to cognitive development, since they stimulate self-expression, teamwork, creativity and problem solving. Another great benefit from art classes in particular is that they help kids build fine motor skills, which is extremely important during the first 6 years of child’s life. When it comes to drama classes, kids will learn the importance of expressing themselves and working with peers.

According to Forbes, “kids taking the acting class tend to score higher on aspects of sociability than other children, probably due to the cooperative nature of putting on a play.” Peer participation  is key in the development of your child’s personality, whether they tend to be shy or already confident, because it encourages participation and teamwork. Drama classes are also fundamental in teaching kids about spontaneity, creative thinking and public speaking.

We understand that fitting so many activities in your weekly schedule can get pretty tricky, and for that reason we created the Bee School, a 3.5hr to 5hr immersive program that offers Spanish, Music, Art and Drama classes as well as a lunch break, so your little bee can get the best education in a super easy format that won’t compromise your schedule. Our Bee-School programs are developed specifically for your child’s age group and development and we use a play-based and movement-based approach to learning.

Our term 1 – 2018 starts on 29/01/2018, make sure to enrol your little bee in our Bee School or in one of our music and/or art programs.