It is a question many parents ask themselves, particularly when it comes to their first child.

Many parents believe that creativity is an inborn talent that is naturally gifted to only a select few. While it may come easier to some, creativity is actually more skill-based than genetic. It is something that you can learn, appreciate, enjoy and embrace from a very young age.

Every child has a natural affiliation with creativity. Every day we watch our little bees discover their pure talent and witness the love and excitement that every child simply has for music, drama, language, dance, song and art organically grow.

The impact of creativity, however, far surpasses an ability to act in a play, perform a beautiful, soothing song on a piano or speak a second language. It is more than just being able to create a beautiful sculpture that leaves people breathless from only a few twigs, paint and a little creative flair.

Creativity is actually intrinsic to the way that we live our lives every day. From science to cooking and baking, from mathematical skills to general problem solving, from writing and reading to the ways that we react emotionally and socially to a situation.

You will be surprised by just how much of a part creativity has already played in your life. The bond between the educational, emotional, physical and social skills that you have and the creative activities you have been exposed to is rich.

Giving your child the opportunity to ignite their creative talents and thrive in a creative environment helps them learn, grow and develop mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually too. It gives them every opportunity to thrive and bloom.

Most importantly, the creative arts will make your little bee feel good. They will feel happy as they explore new ways of thinking, new ways of approaching the world. Yes, they may make mistakes along the way, but these mistakes are a part of learning and life.

Art helps boost their self-confidence, gives them a unique way to express themselves and gives them life skills that will help them succeed academically, in the workplace, at home, in daily interactions and in the relationships they share throughout their lives.

Dance, music, language, drama/theatre, song, movement and/or art are skills and passions your child will carry with them long after they leave the Hive. Letting go and allowing your child to enjoy every moment of creative expression poses a lifetime of benefits.

There is simply no better gift than giving your child the best shot at life.

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