The environment that we foster at Hive is non-judgemental, relaxed and comfortable. Every little bee is free to express himself or herself and we are all-inclusive. The more exposure children are given to different situations, surroundings and people the more ready they are for what is on offer in the world. We open our arms and hearts to those children and families who face challenges and we are very proud of the number of Autistic and disabled children, as well as children from different religions and cultures we have attending our classes.

No matter who they are, your little bee is given the chance to develop and thrive in a supportive atmosphere where they can develop skills that will enrich so many aspects of their life.

It’s not all mapped out in the curriculum, but many of the moments we share in our creative classes offer your little bee a sense of learning and development that is unique and so important to their growth. The critical life skills they learn in class will help them to create friendships, solve problems and challenges that come up, learn to be accountable and persevere and have every opportunity to make the most of every moment that life presents to them.

While there are many life skills that your little bee will take away from their experience at the Hive and use for academic, social and life success, this list of 10 will give you an idea of the power and value of music, drama, movement, language, art and song in their lives.

Perseverance and focus: we encourage determination and focus in our classes. Playing a musical instrument, learning the lines to a play, discovering a new language or knowing when to sing in a duo, all involve practice and perseverance as well as focus and commitment. It is a competitive world out there and your little bee will benefit from values that help them get to where they need to and reach their goals.

Innovation and creating ideas: the creative arts is all about experimenting and creating new ways of thinking. We encourage your little bee to explore their ideas, to take risks, invent and create, skills that will certainly benefit them later in life, particularly in the workplace.

Confidence and self-expression: the beautiful rich bond that a child shares with the creative arts is truly inspiring. It is amazing to watch your little bee shine doing something that they naturally enjoy, are gifted in and can express themselves through. Nurturing your child’s creativity at a young age is essential to ensure they can maintain their passion and confidence in the creativity arts.

Creativity: being able to think outside the box and come up with new ideas will help your child tremendously. Giving your little bee the opportunity to spread their creative wings will not only come naturally, it will help distinguish them academically from others today and in their future.

Verbal and non-verbal communication: as well as providing the opportunity for your little bee to learn a new language, we encourage and educate them to read, write and speak proficiently. We also provide a setting for your little bee to learn to communicate their emotions through meaningful movement, music and art.

Motor skills and coordination: from playing a piece on the piano to creating rhythms with percussion instruments, your little bee will have every opportunity to test and grow their fine motor skills and coordination.

Working with others and socialising: many lifelong friendships have been developed and kept between children, parents and teachers at the Hive. Our group classes offer a vibrant, supportive space where children and parents can share, laugh and learn together. Your little bee will grasp skills in communicating, socialising, collaborating and working as a team.

Cognitive development: the creative arts gives your child every opportunity to think for himself/herself. From our sensory experiences to learning a language and performing in a play, your little one will be inspired to make decisions, solve problems and explore new ways of thinking and understanding.

Dedication: commitment and dedication are life skills that influence how we approach every aspect of our lives. From the relationships we share with our partners to our commitment to turning up at work on time; dedication is intrinsic to how we conduct ourselves every day. When your little bee practices and learns in class and then is rewarded by shining brightly at our yearly performances or ensembles, they are able to link dedication to a sense of accomplishment – leading them to practice healthy habits that they know are worthwhile.

Problem solving: your little bee will not realise it but they are constantly solving problems during their time spent in our classes. Which instrument would be best to play that rhythm on? What would my character do in this scene of the play? Every problem that your child solves helps with their understanding and evolves their reasoning.

Ready to give your little bee a go at uncovering their natural creative talents and nourishing their life skills?

We offer trial classes to newbees, so that you and your little bee can discover the magic of the creative arts and find a program that he/she will love. Click here for more details.

To find a program at Hive best suited to your child, please review the dropdown list on our menu bar titled OUR CLASSES.

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