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Hive Creative Studios

Premium creative learning experiences for children 0-16 Years old.

Welcome to Hive!
A creative hub in Newcastle, providing high quality programs in Music, Art, Performing Arts and Baby Classes for children 0-16 years.
Begin your child’s creative learning journey at Hive, and watch them thrive!

Our Programs

Art School

Art Buzz
Art Club

Preschool Hub

The Music Room
The Play Room
Performing Arts

Baby & Toddler Classes

The Baby Room
The Music Room
The Play Room

Arts School

Musical Theatre

Music School

Piano (5+)
Voice Lessons

Holiday Workshops

Baby & Toddler
Visual Art
Performing Arts

Important Dates

Term 2, 2024: Mon 29th April – Fri 5th Jul

Term 3, 2024: Mon 22nd Jul – Fri 27th Sep

Unlimited Makeups


Need to miss a class? No worries!
Notify your absence no less than 2 hrs before your class (via the Client Portal) to receive a makeup token.
Makeups have no expiry, however may only be accessed while you are enrolled.

NB: Your makeup token will appear on your account AFTER the missed classed has finished. 

Manage Your Enrolment and Stay Connected…

Client Portal

The Client Portal is a private dashboard that allows you to manage your enrolment, notify absences, book makeups and update account information.

How to access the Client Portal:

From the website
1. Click ‘Client Portal’ from the main menu
2. If you are an existing client, click on ‘forgot password’ to reset your access.
3. If you are a new client, create an account.

Download the App for easier access!

Can’t login? Email us at info@hivekids.com.au

The Blog

The Power of “NO”

The Power of “NO”

“No” is arguably the most powerful and important word we ever learn. As adults, if our “no” is not given or taken well, it deeply affects our emotional wellbeing and social success. Adults with poor boundaries find it hard to say no to themselves and others. This can...

I’m a Big Kid Now!

I’m a Big Kid Now!

Bringing your pre-school child to drop off classes, sending your 3-year-old with a carer, or grandparent, or even just coming to classes where your child leaves you behind, swept up in the magic of the class, are all bittersweet experiences. But even the most...

What’s The Big Deal About Tummy Time?

What’s The Big Deal About Tummy Time?

It seems like every time you turn around some well-meaning person pushes us to get bub on their tummy. Why is this so important? And what if your bub HATES being on their tummy? Under 6 months, our brain first develops all the involuntary or automatic movements that...