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Performing Arts School

Musical Theatre
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Art Buzz (5-7 Yrs)
Art Club (8-15 Yrs)
Drawing (8-15 Yrs)
Sculpture (10-15 Yrs)
Anime (10-15 Yrs)

Music School

Piano Lesson
Singing Lessons

Bee-School Program

Bee-School Basics
Creative Performers
Creative Thinkers

Baby Classes

Creative Play

Holiday Workshops

Performing Arts

Important Dates

Term 3 Mon Jul 18 – Sat Sep 24

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Our 2 Week Trial Pass is the perfect way to find the right class fit for your child at Hive.

Attend any* 2 Group classes within 2 weeks for just $35.

*Not applicable to the Bee-School program (3 hour sessions)  

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The Blog

I’m a Big Kid Now!

I’m a Big Kid Now!

Bringing your pre-school child to drop off classes, sending your 3-year-old with a carer, or grandparent, or even just coming to classes where your child leaves you behind, swept up in the magic of the class, are all bittersweet experiences. But even the most...

What’s The Big Deal About Tummy Time?

What’s The Big Deal About Tummy Time?

It seems like every time you turn around some well-meaning person pushes us to get bub on their tummy. Why is this so important? And what if your bub HATES being on their tummy? Under 6 months, our brain first develops all the involuntary or automatic movements that...

Sensory Play | OCEAN

Sensory Play | OCEAN

After completing Beach Babies week in Creative Play, we have created some extra sensory play ideas you can do at home. There are so many great resources you can collect for hours of fun, especially when it comes to the exploring the ocean. You can simply take a trip...

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