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Our Trial Passes are the perfect way to find the right class fit for your child at Hive:

1. 2 Week Pass $25

  • Attend 2 of any classes within 2 weeks
  • Valid for all classes (excluding Bee-School & private lessons)
  • Book into your first class and checkout.
  • You will be charged $20 at checkout and then you’ll receive a code by email to book your second class free of charge.
  • 1 Pass is required per child

2. Bee-School Pass $45

  • Attend 1x 3 hour session of Bee-School for $45
  • 1 pass is required per child
  • How to book: select your preferred session on the Bee-School tab below
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Spanish & Ballet 3-5 yrs

Need Help Choosing Your Class?

0-2 yrs: The Nursery Colony

We offer exclusively the Kindermusik program for this age group because music is proven by neural research to be the best activity for growing creativity and intelligence in this age group.  Choose from:

  • Baby Bees – 0 – 8 months – this program is gentle and designed for lap babies who are not on the move
  • Baby Bees – 6-12 months – this program is more active, with more instrument play, designed for babies who are sitting up unassisted, or crawling, and who enjoy exploring toys and sounds
  • Tiny Bees – 9-18 months- this program is a gentle version of our full Tiny Bees program designed for the transition from baby to toddler.
  • Tiny Bees – 12 – 24 months – this program is suitable for all children in this age range with a mix of walking and sitting activities.
  • Bouncing Bees 2 yr olds – this program is a step up from Tiny Bees with lots more gross motor activities like jumping, spinning, running and more action songs for children to copy and enjoy.


3-5 yrs: The Preschool Bees

In the preschool age group we introduce our full range of creative programs:

  • Music – Adventure Bees 3-4 yr olds + siblings. This imaginative, movement based music class prepares a child musically to play an instrument. Full of exciting adventures, your child will be singing, playing to the beat and moving to the music in no time! Parents participate with their child in this class.
  • Instrument Play – Bee Instrumental 4-6 yr olds. This is a vibrant introduction to the world of music making. Children enjoy playing tuned instruments like ukulele, xylophone and recorder and learning to read music and play together like a band.  In between all the instrument play we enjoy movement activities that promote listening and recognition of patterns.  Children attend without parents.
  • Art – From Van Gogh to Picasso, your child will interact with the great artists and recreate their own version of their masterpieces as they explore colour, line, texture, clay and so much more. Parents can either attend class with their child or drop them off.
  • Spanish – Immerse your child in a second language. Neural connections are still being formed at this age for speaking and pronunciation, so this is the ideal window of opportunity to learn a foreign language.
  • Drama – Explore and understand the world of friendships, story telling, emotions and self expression. This is a fantastic program for developing character and confidence. Children attend without parents.
  • Bee-School – Would you like your child to get a full creative immersion? Give your child an amazing creative start in life by enrolling them in BEE-SCHOOL where they’ll participate in all 4 classes – Music, Drama, Art and Spanish in One 5 hour session.

Our Class recommendations:

Musical talent and language skills are formed while your child is still learning to speak. Learning music and a language at this age creates neural pathways in your child’s brain that will stay there for their lifetime and enable them to play music or learn any language with a lot more ease and talent. Think of it as creating opportunities for your child’s future.

We also highly recommend trying Bee-School. Bee-School makes all of our creative programs more accessible, affordable and easy to attend.

5-10 yrs: The Primary Swarm

In this age group we offer our full range of creative programs.

Wondering what to choose? At this age, you can still stimulate interest in creative activities even if your child doesn’t naturally gravitate towards it. As they are stimulated and nurtured by their teacher, they experience success and build their confidence which leads to a love for it. Out of that springs talent and a life long interest in the activity.

 Choose from:

  • Music – Bee Musical group music classes develop musical talent, training the ear at the same time as the ability to play, read and write music on keyboard. Learning music before the age of 8 creates neural pathways in the child’s brain that will enable them to be musically talented.
  • Drama – Develop confidence and skill in acting, using the face and body to express emotion through drama games and short studies.  Drama for children helps them to understand other people and characters leading to better friendships and social confidence.
  • Art – From Van Gogh to Picasso, your child will learn from the great artists, recreate their own version of their masterpieces and learn to draw, paint, create sculptures and so much more. Art nurtures a child’s soul, enabling them to create beauty and express themselves.
  • Spanish – Learning to speak a foreign language at this age gives your child skills for life and makes it easier for them to learn any language of their choice later on. The class is a vibrant immersion in spanish and culture, and children quickly acquire conversational skills under our skillful teachers care.

10-16 yrs: The Teen Buzz

At this age, students like to choose their own classes based on their own interests. It’s good to attend at least 2 of the same classes to help your child get a proper taste of the class.  Often in the first class, students in this age group are just working out the social dynamic of the class and then in the second class they will start to get a feel for whether or not they enjoy the activity

Choose from:

  • Humming Bees –  Group singing classes are vibrant and enjoyable where students learn vocal technique and learn to harmonize.  Private lessons are also offered
  • Drama – Develops acting skills using the face and body to express emotions and scenes through drama games and short plays
  • Art – Art classes for this age group offer a project based approach to learning to draw, sculpt and paint. Students have creative input on what projects they want to work on, while the teacher develops all the skills needed for the project. Drawing technique is thoroughly taught as part of each project.
  • Needle-craft (coming soon) – Needle craft and sewing classes are coming soon! Watch our art page for more details.
  • Spanish – Learn to speak a second language and be immersed in the cultural experience. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.